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IT Services / Dynamics 365 Project Service

Dynamics 365 Project Service

Dynamic 365 for the Project Service aspect of Microsoft Dynamics CRM,  Project Service Automation is an integration-free holistic solution that helps the company manage numerous aspects of activities related to client interaction. The client interaction activities comprise of project staffing, invoice generation, as well as project delivery. Dynamics 365 is a platform that ensures that the team gets to perform together for the customer as well as client satisfaction.

The platform also provides scope for exceeding the required profit margin or at least maintains the current one. Most of the organizations in the current world scenario prefer to operate on a PBO (Project-Based Organization).

This means a maximum set of the work is converted into projects. The incorporation of Dynamics 365 for Project Service helps increase project efficiency while bringing down the cost.

The Dynamics 365 Project Service, Project Service Automationprovided by Bitscape includes seven base modules such as:

  • Management of Opportunity: Dynamics 365 provides an integrated platform for increasing the visibility and recognizing the possibility of various potential opportunities. The service includes the calculation of overall cost, estimated the duration of the project as well as the estimated profit arising from the same.
  • Planning the Project: With the services rendered by our experts via Dynamics 365, the company gets a well-constructed environment to enable collaboration on proposed project as well as the costing visualization of the same, keeping in mind the prospective client or customer.
  • Management of Resource: The Dynamics 365 Project Service helps curate the best resources for the project which constitute of availability, cost, and skills that can be beneficial for the project.
  • Expense and Time management: The Dynamics 365 helps with individual and accurate tracking for project time as well as expenses for the specific task under the project. 
  • Billing for Customer: With the services provided by our expert technicians, project managers can accurately track, update, review as well as approve any kind of cost related to projects followed by the generation of invoice for the customer.
  • Service-based analytics: It provides highly useful Analysis of critical and key indicators of performance which are important for the successful operation of business projects.

With Dynamics 365 Project Service as a part of your website, your organization acquires the following benefits such as:

  • Accurate analysis of complex work pattern in organization
  • Efficient project turn-out for company with scope for better sales
  • Helps assign the optimum resources available for the project
  • Timely invoice generation
  • Simplified approvals and timesheets
  • Helps in engaging as well as developing professionals assigned to the project

Why choose Bitscape for your Dynamics 365 Project Service based requirements for your website and projects?

  • Our services rendered through the use of Dynamics 365 for Project Service includes client integration to induce robust scheduling for projects.
  • Improved utilization for cases, projects, and work orders.
  • With Dynamics 365 integrated into your projects, you get to work with a streamlined version of time reporting along with the enhanced efficiency of employees.
  • Consolidated customer based contract to help with sales as well as invoice related process
  • Generation of collaborative portals that provide visibility in status, invoices, and resource management to increase the overall productivity as per the requirement.

Dynamics 365 Project Service is a major addition to work field when it comes to proper work arrangement in a company with sequenced ability to sell, plan as well as execute. With Bitscape and our expert team, your organization gets enhanced productivity along with proper project planning that is error-free in nature.