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IT Services / Dynamics 365 Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service

The Field Service by Dynamics 365 helps extend the benefits provided by Microsoft to put forth a complete management solution for services such as service locations, customer assets, management of work order, preventative maintenance, product inventory, resource management, mobility, dispatch, scheduling, customer billing, collaboration as well as analytics.

Our team at Bitscape comprises of experts that derive years of experience from providing a complete solution for project management under a company while making the work feasible with an increased level of productivity.

With Dynamics 365 Field Service as a part of your project management, you get the following services:

  • Optimized service schedule along with an efficient routing system, decreased travel time as well as matched skill at the resource level.
  • Enhance the fix rates along with on-time performance delivery.
  • Establish a real-time form of communication accompanied by well-structured collaboration amidst customer service, field agents, customers, and dispatch.

The work provided by our expert team with Dynamics 365 Field Service includes system based solutions such as:

  • Management of Work order: The management aspect of work order provided under Field Service by Dynamics 365 includes quick generation for the work along with cumulation of all the relevant information associated with the field dispatch system provided to the agents at service locations.
  • Scheduled model for board/dispatch system: Users assigned under the field operations can easily use the scheduling option under the flexible board while letting the dispatchers assign various resources with the use of a map or list view of multiple works at the same platform.
  • Management of Resources: Well configured information on resource availability helps the Field Service system pick the best agent to complete a task based on the requirements, skills and location proximity.
  • Customer assets and service location: The Dynamics 365 Field Service helps your company store as well as manages the information related to the service location of the customer as well as an information extraction process for the customer assets that are serviceable.
  • A preventative form of maintenance: With the maintenance services carried out by Dynamics 365, your system helps you generate the automatic and recurring type of work orders which ensures that your system undergoes proper maintenance leaving no scope for future issues.
  • Management of Inventory: Microsoft has extended the management system for inventory which helps with product catalog system to track the inventory in real-time.
  • Proper customer billing: With Dynamics 365, you can easily turn a completed work into customer invoice for well-regulated payment schedule.

Why choose Bitscape for your Field Service related requirements?

  • With Bitscape at your disposal, you get a team of professional technicians that help reduce the downtime by increasing the proactive alerts received on connected devices.
  • Your work issues at the field are addressed at a faster pace with remote monitoring via devices and thereby keeping the customers connected to the organization.
  • The incorporation of Dynamics 365 Field Service by our team at Bitscape includes reduction of maintenance cost thereby increasing the profit generation.

With Bitscape by your side, you get a platform for your organization that establishes connected interaction with customers while empowering the organization. Dynamics 365 is a next-generation work system that is a bridge to an intelligent operating system for your business.