Project Portfolio Management

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With Project Online, all operational maintenance can be handled by an online service hosted in Microsoft datacentres, which allows you to focus on core project management tasks.Project Online also delivers full Project Portfolio Management (PPM) capabilities (Demand Management, Portfolio Management, Resource Management, Reporting, and so on)in Office 365. This is accessible via internet from anywhere.
The Project Online offering provides several benefits like, 
  • IT administration: All operational maintenance being handled by the Project Online service. Hence it automaticallydo tasks like updates, disaster recovery, and maintenance. However one can alsorun preventive maintenance scripts on databases to prevent problems before tt arises.
  • Quick Start: No huge infrastructure costs and users can simply use on a per user licensing basis.
  • Security: A robust disaster recovery capability by Office 365, globally-redundant back-ups, and extensive privacy features however filter help protect users against spam and viruses.
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