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SharePoint & Application in the content

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SharePoint is a powerful tool introduced by Microsoft Corporation to help with the collaborative document management as well as a storage system. This particular product has variable applications and its usage varies in accord with the need of the organization. The content generated by any company needs a place for it to be stored. Our content management system incorporates the use of SharePoint to help in well-organized content management that works wonders for the organization.

With SharePoint as a part of your web content management system, all your content input by various members of the organization collaborate on one platform with only a few users with the ability to approve the content. An approved content at SharePoint automatically gets published for the other members of the company to take a peek at or for your customer base to gain information about your product.

SharePoint based management of web content for your website is an effective solution for the content generated by the company. The services you gain from a SharePoint based website constructed by our expert technicians working at Bitscape includes:

  • Email alert by SharePoint for any change in the content to the whole group.
  • Simplifies the management of content generated from different sections of the organization which includes departments such as PR, finance, and so on.
  • Set up proper task list for different members of the organization with the details of the content.
  • Publishing content at cross-site platforms with the use of SharePoint.
  • Share library, lists, and catalog content
  • Assign a particular category to the page to help with a proper catalog of items on the page to help with store management.
  • Configure and create a publishing environment that helps with content search, panel refinement, taxonomy refinement panel and so on.

With SharePoint incorporated in the websites, your company gets the following capabilities which include:

  • 404 Pages/ Custom Error.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) based tools along with an analysis engine.
  • Video improvements and Image renditions.
  • Smooth capability for Cross-Site Publishing without errors.
  • Catalog development for products.
  • Navigation management for a user-friendly website.
  • URLs that are constructed with a simple interface for ease of access.

Why choose Bitscape for your SharePoint based requirement for your company website?

Bitscape holds experience of 15 years in the IT field with a set of talented technicians that take care of all your basic requirements from the base of web development till the completion of the same. The effort and finesse provided by our experts help in bringing your business to an upper scale of competition in the IT and solutions market.

  • All our services rendered by the team are apt as per industry standards that incorporate the use of latest services and platforms.
  • Technical support to numerous clients and business from various categories.
  • The websites developed by Bitscape are based on SharePoint content management system which eases the sharing of information.
  • We ensure timely delivery of each and every project without affecting the quality of the same.

Bitscape guarantees a wholesome solution for a well-organized content marketing that helps you maintain finesse in work.