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EPM Solutions

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Enterprise Project Management solutions ensure that organizations select and deliver right projects, ensuring greater visibility and control of resources. Microsoft Project server 2016 and SharePoint 2016 in combination provide an unmatchable and comprehensive Microsoft EPM Solution. Microsoft Project server 2016 gives you robust tools for organizational project management and SharePoint work management solution and ability to match stakeholder dashboard vision with WSS customization (Web parts creation). It is versatile in the terms that it delivers Enterprise Project Management solution even for a small scale organization to a large enterprise. It is our inference that this is one of the best and fastest user accepted EPM solutions from our client feedback.

Bitscape through it’s competence in delivering world class EPM solutions can enable your organization to achieve the following functionalities with the use of Microsoft Project server 2016 and Microsoft SharePoint server 2016.

  • Easily publish Project .mpp file data into SharePoint Workspaces and across organizational unit by ensuring the desired workflow using SharePoint.
  • Collaborate with Project .mpp file data within SharePoint.
  • Executive Dashboard with custom reports presented to executives including organization-wide calendar and event sharing, features such as wikis, blogs or other out-of- box features of Microsoft SharePoint server 2010 as demanded by stakeholders, and any MIS report that may add value to your executive’s efforts.
  • Work collaboration with your organizational processes.
  • Custom as well as prebuilt custom workspace templates available.
  • Legacy or Microsoft or 3rd party integration possible with SharePoint to enhance the value of reports to the executives on the dashboard.

Moreover, the Project Site feature available in SharePoint server 2016 provides basic project management functionality and a team collaboration site in order to manage projects. Hence Project sites also enable teams to access and share relevant data, documents, and communication. Project sites in SharePoint Server 2016 enable the flow of work information within an organization to effectively collaborate on projects. Project managers can get updated in real time on project progress, and team members can also check whether their work fits into the overall context.

A project site within SharePoint 2016 provides Project Summary, Visual timeline of the project's tasks, Completed task schedule for a project, Library for storing relevant project documents, Notebook for quickly capturing and organizing information about the project, Shared calendar for team events, Ability to connect to the Project 2016 client application.

Besides these, the SharePoint Server 2016 in combination with Exchange Server, can also include a team mailbox for unified communication about the project as it progresses. A project site can also be used to capture issues, risks, deliverables, and can be switched to full control (versus managed mode) for a more robust Project Server 2016 functionality if is part of a site collection that is associated with Project Server 2016. However, project sites offer the SharePoint Server user project management capabilities, E.g. When you have numerous project sites and require collective information and when you need to be added project management functionality, a structured method allows you to easily migrate your project site data to Project Server 2016.