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Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint

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Enterprise content management (ECM) is a technology for capturing, storing, managing, utilizing and preserving the content and documents of your company. It manages unstructured documents such as web pages, messages, e-mails etc. If the important data and content of the company is not managed in a proper manner, it becomes almost impossible for you to get the desired results. When your company has too many clusters of content which you cannot manage, then you should take advantage of ECM.

SharePoint 2013 offers rich set of functionalities which covers:
  • Document management.
  • Web content management.
  • Records management.
  • Work force management.
  • Media management.
  • Managed metadata.

In simple words using Microsoft SharePoint 2013, an organisation can easily create the content and access it as in the SharePoint team site a user can easily access all documents as well as emails altogether in a unified view. A one can also utilise a social power by subscribing a social newsfeeds from their colleagues to get updated in the content they are interested from kind of audiences. However it is not limited to newsfeed but a one actually can follow anything, mention things, use hashtags in SharePoint as the enterprise social features are very easy and user friendly.

Coming to the point of search and governance SharePoint 2013 provides controlled and seamless experience as a one can edit multiple documents at the same time however can easily drag and drop a document from windows explorer to SharePoint. Besides, a user can drag and drop emails from Inbox to Exchange site mailboxes and user can view it in SharePoint team site along with SharePoint documents as a unified view however to protect and manage any relevant retention policies can be applied to both type of documents in SharePoint and Exchange site mailboxes and these documents can be spanned by the eDiscovery feature of SharePoint 2013.

We can provide you the enterprise content management which can be the key to successfully solving your company’s content problems. By providing you the most effective ECM solutions, we can show you the path to reach your desired milestones.

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