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Content Management System

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Content Management is getting extremely popular for file sharing on corporate intranets as well as for content driven web sites.

The purpose of Content management is:
  • To easily obtain, upload, and collaborate on data files within a company. .
  • Present and manage content for publication on the Internet. .

Content management can help almost any business small to large. It can also benefit a various range of businesses in industries such as: Engineering, Manufacturing, Government, Financial, Healthcare, and more.

Content management software is least expensive when it is to be used for a website. These systems are not as technical and can be written for ASP/SQL environments. Content management on the corporate / intranet level becomes a little pricy depending on the number of servers, services, and locations needing to run the software.

Here is a list of potential uses for content management:
  • Document sharing and management.
  • Knowledge base management.
  • Web content management (internet).
  • Content management (file sharing and sorting).

So you've probably heard of content management and are wondering how can you use it, how it can benefit your company, and possibly - how can we justify spending a large amount of money that doesn't produce an income? Let us explain why you should consider content management.

You have content management software on your server. You have a manufacturing company. Your engineers are in the U.S. and your plant is in some other country. What's the easiest way for your engineers to collaborate on this project? Through a content management software solution you can share information (data files of almost any kind) easily, instant message, and even integrate with a voice solution. You can cut down on communication costs and improve time to market for products.

Traditional CMS migration project:​

CMS migration project:

Data is converted once, and continuously synchronized such that each release of the new system has up-to-date contents.

CMS Advantages:
  • Complete automated migration and update.
  • Assures clean data by eliminating duplicates and data entry errors.
  • Non-Intrusive: no need to change any CMS system (old or new).
  • Systems stay running during conversion.
  • Minimal expertise required to maintain the system.
  • CMS is a visual environment that can be operated by people without programming experience.

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