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Software Asset Management

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Software Asset Management is an industry best practice that helps you control costs and optimise software investments across your organisation and throughout all stages of their life cycles and is designed to control the Business of the big companies having large Assets whether it is Equipment, Software, or further resources. It maintains track of all essential things like Hardware, License, Leasing Information and much more when new equipment requirements to be buying, when leases are up and the amount of the equipment that is owned. 

Software licenses are assets and investments and should be managed as such. It helps you control costs and optimise these investments as your organisation evolves. It provide Software Asset Management and license compliance. The ability to allocate and assign software and track both authorized and unauthorized titles will guarantee you maintain a secure software environment and adherence to your corporate standards and policies.

A clear view into how all of your licenses and software purchases relate to your agreements ensures you’ll effectively control costs and optimize the value of your support and maintenance contracts. In order to manage a system, a User needs to first collect information about the computers or devices available to be managed. It is important to note that this inventory cannot just be taken once. Due to computer failures, device purchases, and the prevalence of laptops and mobile devices, the collection of devices is dynamic.

So, the information needs to be able to be collected remotely without relying on static, pre-populated data. Administered through an ongoing plan, makes it easier to identify what it have, where it's running, and whether redundancy may exist. A fully implemented plan can help one to cut costs, improve security and compliance, and also forestall future software needs that enable a competitive advantage.

Features of Software Asset management System:

  • Asset repository database
  • Capability to attach assets to examine workstation
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction
  • Enhanced IT Security via advanced configuration item control
  • Integrated task management