IT Services / Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management

Bitscape is a global technology consulting company and a software Development Company which improves software delivery through its ALM services backed-up by CMMi practices. From feasibility study to business need analysis to recommendations of development of solution including but not limited to Agile, scrum, CMMi or SDLC Waterfall method, we consult all and suggest best practices approach for the solution for organization to achieve organizational application life cycle management goal. We focus on critical process improvement visibility and manageability, leading directly to better quality, reliability and ultimately predictability over the entire software delivery process.

Some of the basic functions we perform in ALM services,

•Requirements analysis.
•Requirements management.
•Feature management.
•Project management.
•Software deployment.
•Software testing.
•Release management.
•Change management.
•Software information management (for ALM tool integration).
•Build management.
•Software configuration management.
•Revision control.
•Issue management.
•Monitoring and reporting.

Bitscape ALM services are perfect blend of business management practices to software engineering processes using extensive experience, tools including Visual Studio 2010 and visual studio 2012.