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SharePoint Based Grievance Redressal Systems

"SharePoint Based Grievance Redressal System build on SharePoint framework primarily developed to allow submission of grievances by Public for instant and easy communication between the Public and responsible Project Management Unit or department of an organization. The solution allows speedy redress of grievances. Users are presented with form sheet to fill in the grievances details, with auto generate unique reference number to track each grievance, which then routes to respective GRO officers. If officer does not respond within specific timeframe, then grievance is escalated to higher officers. Users are informed about status of their grievances at every stage of grievance lifecycle.

Excellent customer satisfaction is the prime cause for the successful growth of any business. Expert business managers understand the need for prompt and effective resolution for every customer query in order to have an advantage over the competition. As the competition is increasing daily every company is now focusing excessively on providing faster and better customer care service to their existing customers.

About SharePoint  Based Grievance Redressal System

With the advent of the internet, customers are able to access and connect with brands and businesses faster and more efficiently. Hence, using the internet to provide effective customer grievance redressal is an excellent business decision.

SharePoint, being one of the top globally popular cloud-based service from Microsoft, is commonly used by commercial establishments for improved online business functioning. This premium quality cloud based service is efficient for small and large businesses alike. It is considered to be one of the most convenient server spaces which allow businesses to store, organize and access and share relevant information throughout their organization. A simple web browser lets businesses with SharePoint server space to access and share business data and information easily from anywhere in the world.

Choosing SharePoint Based Grievance Redressal System for Improved Business Functioning

In case you are still wondering how a grievance redressal system will help with your business on SharePoint you need to only read through its salient features:

An ideal SharePoint-based Grievance Redressal System is able to make your overall customer care functions easier and more efficient. It acts efficiently to:

  • Gather grievances, queries and complaints from your consumers and clients from a single source. Consumers need only fill an online form given on your SharePoint website. Once the customer has finished filling up the grievance form then they only seen to click the ‘SUBMIT’ button.
  • It collects, organizes and transmits the various grievances from different customers and sends these to the relevant department.
  • Each grievance form filled will be allotted a unique identification number, which makes it efficient for your company to track and check the status of particular grievances easily.
  • The grievance redressal system is also programmed to escalate the grievance to a higher authority, in case the initial redressal authority/department fails to address it within the stipulated time frame.
  • This grievance redressal system will also effectively update consumers at every stage of the redressal cycle, through SMS or email.

Apart from these excellent efficiency-enhancing features, the online grievance redressal system is also cost effective and affordable in the long run. A minimal fee is charged to use this efficient service on your SharePoint platform or server.


Using SharePoint-compatible consumer grievance redressal system is an excellent way to ensure that you offer global standards in customer care. This system will make resolving customer queries and complaints easier for your company, leading to improved customer experience and strengthened customer loyalty for your company. 

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