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Bitscape RPA and Process Automation Services powered by Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) - Microsoft Power Platform

With Microsoft WorkFlow you can create or modify Power automated systems and ease their work processes without having to take help developers and/or technical teams. With every rising sun bringing latest advancements and technical and technological updates

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Bitscape - a process automation and workflow expert partner since 2002 working on windows workflow foundation, SharePoint, and flow before, is offering its new RPA services offering built powered by Microsoft RPA with Power Platform and UI Flow of Power Automate.

A cloud-based software that will enable employees to not only create customized workflows, but also to automate them and other tasks throughout multiple applications and services. Such automated workflows are being termed as Flows. Working on conditional statements, a user can specify the series or sequence of actions that would occur as a result of specific events. While building a flow has become comparatively easy, it has also brought about a comfortable change to the working environment as it can be used on desktops, as well as on mobiles through apps. Allowing smooth integration with Microsoft apps and services, Flow can be used in sync with Power BI, PowerApps, Dynamic 365 and Office 365.

Accommodating automation in almost everything ranging from simpler situations such as push notifications and content management to high-end complex business processes involving numerous steps and stages. Triggering notifications, sending automated communications, collecting and copying data and many such tasks can be controlled through Microsoft Flow. With Bitscape being one of the most prominent channel partners for Microsoft in US, this brand new feature from Microsoft is being promoted across all Bitscape clientele and firms that have an MS environment to provide ease of functioning and move their work processes on auto mode. The best part about MS Flow is that it does not restrict its functionality to Microsoft linked products only. Its ability to integrate with numerous other connectors such as SalesForce, SQL, Twitter, Box, DocuSign, etc can all be connected and controlled using API Proxy in the cloud. With extensive multiple pre-designed templates that are readily available for users, the users now do not need to be necessarily technical or take help from developers as mentioned earlier.

Hence, numerous features that have made Power Automate(MS Flow) stand out among other Microsoft services and:

  • Easy to create and easy customize process flows.
  • Reduces dependency on technical team and/ or developers.
  • Simple to complex processes can be created and automated
  • Easy to integrate across multiple platforms, apps, and services including but not limited to MS platform.
  • Humungous template base for initial users to accommodate simple processes on auto mode
  • Multiple licensing and pricing plans for different kinds of users with integration in Office 365 and Dynamics 365
  • Availability of Microsoft Flow Admin Center that allows administrators to manage users, access levels, permissions and policy compliances.
  • UI Flow new Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capability which can record and replay screen input ( via keyboard/mouse) to automate testing or repetitive process ( Selenium-based).
  • Flow is now “Power Automate”, PowerApps is now “Power Apps”
  • Share Canvas Power Apps with Guests* - user outside your org can now use your Power Apps ( existing guests only)
    * NOTE - guests must have access to underlying data sources/connectors and have a license assigned. Some connectors do not support guest access e.g. CDS, Excel, Dynamics, HTTP with Azure AD and Planner
  • Power Virtual Agents – new bot-building capability to easily create ebot with no/low code. Use Bot Framework and LUIS underneath.
  • Ai Builder Updates – identify key phrases, sentiment, language from text or document with no code. Use OCR to extract specified parts of documents, even if hand-written.
  • Power Apps/Teams Integration – Publish Power App as Teams app in company app library and pin to Teams left rail, and new Teams triggers/actions for Power Automate. END 2019
  • Power BI/Teams Integration – new Power BI interactive data card in Teams conversations. 2020

Bitscape a process automation and workflow expert partner since 2002 working on windows workflow foundation, SharePoint, and flow before is offering its new RPA services offering built powered by Microsoft RPA with Power Platform and UI Flow of Power Automate."