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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a phrase which involves a package of applications/software used to analyse the raw data of the organization and deriving meaningful information which is used to aid in taking important business decisions. Business Intelligence involves a range of activities such as data warehousing, data mining, data processing and analysing, generating reports to name a few.

The data which is collected as a part of data warehousing activity is analysed. The historical patterns are carefully analysed and through this predictive analysis, the probability of the occurrence of an event in the future is determined.

Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) enables your organization to make better and swift decisions so as to achieve your business objectives. Microsoft BI can help you to collect, organize, access, analyse, predict as well as share the information of your organization, which will, in turn, result in improving your business efficacy.

Today, the organizations are loaded with data, either in formal systems, through e-mail, documents, spreadsheets and much more. When organizations are brimming with data, the decision-making process becomes quite complex and time-consuming.

Self-service BI tools empower users with Self-service analysis and data visualization. PowerPivot helps users to access the data virtually, however, the user can create reports by using analytical applications.

Bitscape is a global IT consulting company having specialised in Cloud, Business Intelligence, and other technological offerings from Microsoft has successfully delivered BI solutions to our clients who happen to be organizations from different business verticals and sizes.

It has been the sole focus of Bitscape to empower it’s clients through sustainable IT solutions so that they can take and implement timely business decisions.

With our Microsoft BI service, you can harness the information and assets of your organization a high yielding way.

Sharepoint2019 applications and tools, shape up the vision of your organization, processes, and performance requirements.  It creates powerful data mash-ups using PowerPivot, with it’s ability to process billions of rows, create data models and facilitate sharing and collaboration with Excel Services. Power View provides an inbuilt ad-hoc reporting feature. PerformancePoint Services and Dashboard Designer, along with Visio Services, create sophisticated dashboards capable of integrating reports and metrics from multiple data sources that are customizable for your spectators.

Microsoft BI is a comprehensive tool that integrates across Office applications and other Microsoft technologies.  These tools support analysis, reporting, dashboards, and visualizations.

SharePoint 2019 has made significant changes wherein some basic components which existed in the previous versions such as Excel services have been moved to Office Online server.

Power Pivot continues to be available in Share Point 2019 as a part of core Business Intelligence.

Power Pivot for Share Point or Microsoft Power View for Share Point BI solutions comes with features such as: -

  • Scheduled Data Refresh.
  • Power view Reports (Stand alone or embedded in Excel.
  • Power Pivot Management Dashboard.
  • Report Alerting.

Some of the distinct features added in the Share Point 2016 release can be catalogued as: -

  • New Access features are available when you deploy Access services in Share Point 2016.
  • SharePoint 2019 server includes new document library accessibility features.
  • Customized Web parts.
  • New compliance features have been incorporated such as document deletion and in-hold policies.
Performances point services assists, users, to create interactive dashboards that display key performance indicators (KPIs) and data visualizations in the form of scorecards, reports, and filters. In SharePoint Server 2016, PerformancePoint Services offers a very strong feature to support business intelligence applications.
  • Includes on Dashboard Migration, Filter Enhancements & Filter Search, I Centre Update, Support for Analysis Services Effective User & Performance Point Support on iPad.
Visio Services, a service application that allow operators to share and view Microsoft Visio Drawing (*. vsdx) and Visio 2010 Web drawing (*.vdw) files where service also enables data-connected Visio Drawing (*.vsdx) and Visio 2010 Web drawing (*.vdw) files to be refreshed and updated from various data sources Includes on Maximum Cache Size, Health Analyser rules, Updated Windows PowerShell cmdlets, Set-Visio Performance& Commenting on drawings supported.