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Site Provisioning Solutions

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Microsoft SharePoint 2019 Enterprise Edition enables business process automation and simplifies the business process. Now to manage user requests for a new SharePoint 2019 site has become easier. Site Provisioning enables you create a Custom Site for WSS whenever you want.

Bitscape is a Microsoft technology based solution provider company that helps business harness their IT assets by helping develop agile business processes.

One can build a site creation interface using custom site provisioning solution in SharePoint 2019. The interface that allows all employees to easily create a new site built from a predefined site template. SharePoint 2019 has rich set of functionalities using which we can achieve business objective and build a robust system which includes Web Part to show list of projects in which current logged in user is member, Design custom site provisioning form, Generate dynamic site URL depending on the current project id of the site.

This also create new site using the template selected by the user without inheriting permissions from its parent site, create primary and secondary site collection administrator when creating new site, Organization structure based on the information of members end their manager, create new external list from SQL database from existing accounting system based on project id, send e-mail notification to all Portal Administrators and Additional Administrators announcing the new site.

Bitscape being an IT consulting firm has helped many organisations e.g. for HR management system, with a must need functionalities like.

Show Project List: Project portal section, Show list of all projects for which current logged in user is member.

Site Provisioning: Design user interface for the user to fill in information about the site to be created, Create new site using selected site template without inheriting permissions from    parent site, Assign primary and secondary site administrator, Integration with existing accounting system, Send email notification to all Portal Administrators and additional administrators announcing the new site.

We suggest SharePoint 2019 platform to build up different business process within your organisation, which will help your executives and users to navigate with the ease and ultimately your business achieve productivity.

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