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Microsoft Office Development Service

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Bitscape being an Global IT consulting company it helps organisations Microsoft Office Development Service robust web based application, software products and solutions. Our technical consultants are well versed with all the technicalities within .net, SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies hence we at Bitscape delivered plenty of solutions and products as per the need of our client.

We would be more than happy to share some standard basic approach and solution we proposed to our clients. E.g. one of our clients was looking for design/development, implement, the Outlook customization and we proposed a standard solution which includes, Customized Delegate Option by including email sending of the transaction to dedicated address, Include Reply to All with attachment option in mail dialogue, Meeting customization to check room availability on dialogue, Send Invitation button customization to raise message if there is room conflicts, Combined MSI Installer with Separate Outlook Versions.

  • Delegation Customization and Email send functionality.
  • Include option Reply to all with Attachment in mail dialogue.
  • Include Reply to all with Attachment in Action menu in Outlook 2007.
  • Add Button Check Room availability on Meeting dialogue.
  • Customization of Send invitation in meeting module.
Bitscape helps business in their business endeavors by supporting with agile business processes and software solutions. Get in touch with our business analysts for consulting on any software development need.