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In plain vanilla terms, Desktop Applications are “Software products” which can be installed on a standalone machine such as a Desktop and it is designed to perform very specific tasks. Desktop Applications are convenient to use in a standalone mode and they can be custom built to suit the varied business needs of an organization.

Desktop Applications can be built for individual business modules such as operations management, delivery management and so on with the sole aim to smoothen the business functioning.

One of the main advantages of the desktop application is that it has a highly intuitive user interface which translated into a fabulous user experience.

The desktop applications come with a seamless flexibility which is why they are preferred by organizations. Through desktop applications, one can do multi-tasking by opening up to a maximum of 4 applications in a virtual desktop. For instance, you can read your emails in one, browse the web on the second, and use some other software for your work on the third and leave the fourth for any contingent application that may be required to be used.

Bitscape has developed it’s forte in building Custom built Desktop Applications which facilitate instant content synchronization, quick file system access even while the user is working offline.

Our team of skilled professionals would understand your business needs first and then would propose to build custom built Desktop Applications which would eventually tone down the complexity of your business processes. The desktop applications are built by Bitscape with the sole aim of improving your business productivity.

By simplifying your intricate business functionalities, our Desktop Applications will help you synchronize your procedures and streamlining your IT operations thereby delivering an incremental value to your business.

Bitscape has always strived to give it’s customers the best in class services and products and the Desktop Applications are no different. The Desktop Applications build and delivered by Bitscape offer an extremely rich interface which is comparable to any other equivalent Internet Application.

The desktop applications built by Bitscape are not only tailored to suit diverse business needs of an organization but also are personalized applications depending upon the size of the organization viz small, medium, large and very large.

The technical expertise of Bitscape which is at par with Global development standards has enabled it to deliver a host of Custom built “Desktop Applications”, “Web-based Applications”,” Client Server Applications” to enterprises belonging to diverse business verticals such as Pharma, Medicine, Tourism and Hospitality, Transportation and Logistics, Heavy Engineering, Retail to name a few across the geographical boundaries.

The goal of Bitscape as a well trusted IT solutions provider to numerous organizations can be concisely put into three points: -

  • Total control and protection from various vulnerabilities.
  • Superior Performance.
  • One-time cost and rarely involve recurring costs and charges.