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HRIS Solutions on SharePoint & Office 365

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We at Bitscape help organisations develop robust web based applications and collaboration software solutions using an array of Microsoft Technologies, HRIS Solutions on SharePoint & Office 365 being one of our forte, which comes with newer functionalities and capabilities harnessing any business objective and challenges most organisations face nowadays.

HRIS Solutions on SharePoint & Office 365 is one of the key departments within an organization since it involves the people who ultimately build and define the strength of an organization.

Effective and Efficient Human Resources management is the need of all organizations, where they require a robust system which includes, storing the Personnel information working within the system, keep it up to date, providing the flexibility of Adding/Editing of employee information such as education/experience/health/language/training etc, and adding a tabbed view for each section.

HR management system facilitates the functionalities such as Automate the process of employee file transfer, Incoming forms, manage the “Meeting attendance and absenteeism information” and generating reports on the same.

It keeps a tab on the  Organizational structure based on the hierarchy of the employees, their reporting structure, Import and export list to and fro from the Excel, Generate custom reports from existing list and fields, Automate the workflow process for approvals from and within department, keep a log of Audit History for all the information and activities for any future use, Dashboards for Management decision making, Email integration for Alert and Notifications, Security groups with windows Authentication etc, to  name a few.

Bitscape being a leading Global IT consulting firm has consulted many organisations in the process of overcoming their IT challenges, human resource management being one of them.

Some of the modules incorporated in the HR management solution provider by Bitscape can be enlisted below. This is only an indicative list and Bitscape provides fully customized IT solutions depending upon the business needs of it’s clients.

  • Personnel Profile: A section where a user can Add/Edit/Delete a personnel’s profile, Personnel listing, Personnel detailed profile view, Updating the  information in real time , status and date change, Activity and History manager, Personnel ratings & history, Attachments Manager, Photo Library, Employee’s details such as  Education /Health/Training/Experience/Family information, Generating organization’s hierarchical  structure, Automation of  workflow approvals by the HR manager, Separate Tabs for Department’s Manager and Central HR Manager.
  • Transfer: Keeping a log of Transferred-outgoing files/documents and Transferred-incoming files/documents.
  • Meeting: Tabs such as Add/Edit /Delete “Meetings” to list, “Meeting” listing page, detailed view page for the Minutes of Meeting, Manage the attendance/absenteeism of the personnel/employees, Approval workflow for HR manager, Department’s Manager, Central HR Manager and System Administrator.
  • Reporting: Generate Reports with different fields and criteria consisting of related personnel information and modules, Generate Statistical reports with different criteria and at pre-specified time intervals, or at regular time intervals from different related lists and modules.

    Matrix statistics reports, Personnel information reports which are  filtered by division, department, and gender, Personnel information reports filtered by a desired specific  field in a related list or module, Reports on  the person's educational or medical records or transfers filtered by person's name, Reports on  the details of each person's information and export it to Word File/Excel File, Displaying the photo of persons in the report outputs and exports, Reports of the attendance and absenteeism  of personnel in  different meetings, Grouped reports on the  Total number of the people in different divisions and departments grouped by various parameters, ‘Sending Report’ forms and Approval workflow to the  HR manager, Department’s Manager, Central HR Manager and System Administrator.

  • Tools & configuration: Audit Log, Record Grouping, Import and export records from and to the list, Dashboard, Email integration with inbox for alert and notifications, scheduling some actions to be performed on specific date and time.

  • Access Control: Window Authentication, Implementing SharePoint security Model, Login, logout, User Management.
  • Policies and Procedure Management.
  • Absenteeism management.
  • Timesheet Management.
  • Appraisal Management.
The Salient features of HRIS Solutions on SharePoint & Office 365deployed by Bitscape for some of our esteemed clients can be enlisted as: -
  • It is a Web-based system and hence it is accessible from any device.
  • Simple, Clean User Interface.
  • Organisational charting increases the visibility within the organization across all levels.
  • Most importantly since it is a modular system, you PAY only for what you need.
Bitscape being a Microsoft GOLD partner for more than a decade now has helped businesses in their endeavours by supporting them with agile and detailed business processes solutions which are solely aimed at increasing their business productivity.

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