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Business Process Automation with SharePoint

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Business process automation using SharePoint in combination with something similar to Nintex workflows can help streamline operations, reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve customer service.

The electronic forms presented through InfoPath services are an essential part of workflow. And these InfoPath designed electronic forms make it easier for you to gather and authorize the information starting from the Microsoft office client applications. By harnessing InfoPath forms service technology in SharePoint 2013, you can create browser based forms and assemble data from organizations that don’t use Microsoft office InfoPath 2013.


The InfoPath form services can be useful to the companies and its employees in many ways. Such as;

  • Browser-based forms with InfoPath Forms Services extend reach of employees to organizations that do not use Microsoft Office InfoPath 2013 by allowing them to fill out forms in a common browser or even a HTML-enabled mobile device.
  • It is Easy for employees to fill and submit their expense reports to the managers and accounting department. If InfoPath is not installed, the employee can submit the form using web browser.
  • As the forms and templates are ready for data integration, the accuracy of the entries can be better.
  • Employees can see the status of the approval process by Microsoft windows SharePoint services site, and that can increase the efficiency.
  • The form designers need to design the form just once and they can deploy that only for both within the rich of InfoPath and through web browser.

Workflows in SharePoint  are powered by windows workflow foundation 4 (WF) however it’s built on messaging functionality of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).The most prominent part is workflow executed from and hosted on windows AZURE platform. 

New workflow actions in SharePoint 2013:

                    Action                                     Description                
Assign a Task Assigns a single workflow task to a user or group.
Start a Task Process Initiates execution of a task process.
Go to This Stage Specifies the next stage in a workflow to which flow control should be handed.
Call HTTP Web Service Functions as a method call to a Representational State Transfer (REST) endpoint.
Start a List Workflow Starts a list-scoped workflow.
Start a Site Workflow Starts a site-scoped workflow.
Build DynamicValue Creates a new variable of typeDynamicValue.
Get Property from DynamicValue Retrieves a property value from a specified variable of typeDynamicValue.
Count Items in DynamicValue Returns the number of rows in a variable of typeDynamicValue.
Trim String Removes all leading and trailing white-space characters from the current string.
Find Substring in String Returns 1-based index of the first occurrence of one or more characters, or the first occurrence of a string, within a string.
Replace Substring in String Returns a new string in which all occurrences of a specified character or string are replaced with another specified character or string.
Translate Document Functions as a wrapper around the HTTP activity that calls the synchronous translation API. You must configure a Machine Translation Service Application for the SharePoint site on which you run the workflow.
Set Workflow Status Updates workflow status as specified in message string.
Create a Project from Current Item [Microsoft Project] Creates a Project Server project based on the current item.
Set the current project stage status to this value [Microsoft Project] Sets the two status fields within the current stage of the project.
Set the status field in the idea list item to this value [Microsoft Project] Updates the status field of the original SharePoint list item.
Wait for Project Event [Microsoft Project] Pauses the current instance of the workflow to await a specified Project event: Project checked in, Project committed, Project submitted.
Set this field in the project to this value [Microsoft Project] Sets the value for the enterprise custom field for a specified project.

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