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About Us / Case Study

One of the largest crypto currency trading platforms migrates to Azure from AWS for better security, compliance, and distributed application delivery.

Customer is one of the early pioneers of the crypto currency space and have developed multiple solutions on crypto currency domain. Their flagship offering for crypto currency trading platform and wallet services is being used by more than 3 million users worldwide with 20 crypto currency and wallet services provided on the platform.

Business concern and challenges:Business concern and challenges:

Customer’s biggest challenge was to protect its IP as well as geo delivery of services in compliance with the industry standards and local regulations. Customer wanted to understand how they leverage Microsoft Azure based solution including but not limited to Azure SQL, Windows security, blockchain services.

In previous use case of customer the multiple platform and adhoc implementation of security policies were not giving consolidated security required and compliance for the solution deployed. With close to 3 million users using the platform having any downtime to the application was not acceptable.

Bitscape’s expertise

As a managed service provider, the Bitscape team diligently worked as consultants and carried out a cloud assessment workshop which resulted into a 300 page report describing clearly on how the customer could host their applications efficiently on Azure with help of Bitscape’s Mission Critical App hosting offerings.

Solution Deployed:

With zero downtime all the applications were deployed on azure and including some partial workload in solution usage from AWS. The solution was deployed across 9 data centers of Azure to maintain standards of security and local regulatory compliance. The Bitscape team created more than 120 policy definitions which were to be adhered to during deployment and management of all services.

Primary Tools & Technology
Microsoft Azure

4th Largest Bank in Midwest of US drives Digitization by migrating mortgage related services and infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.

The 4th largest bank in the Midwest US, with 46 full-service bank branches across USA and $2.9 billion in total assets, offers comprehensive variety of financial services and products.

The Bank continually upgrade its technology infrastructure by investing in the latest tools and run their business process for correspondent lending using Cloud based proprietary LOB System

The challenge

The challenge in hand was to ensure application’s availability and reliability while meeting all financial services related compliances and security standard as well as meet technical requirements to deliver best performance for customers across US east coast and west coast. Bitscape’s RegTech practice and its expertise around Bitscape Vault built on top of Microsoft Trusted Cloud helped the customer pose its trust in our abilities and decide to host their mission critical app on Microsoft Azure. The outcome was the improved availability of the app with close to 99.999% uptime achieved and presence of different regions for production environment as well as test environment: thus enabling enhanced business continuity.

“Our mortgage application is now not only internally consumed but leased to 40 other banks in West Coast, thanks to your solution and amazing 24/7 premium support.” - Vice President IT –– The Bank

From requirement analysis to proposing a comprehensive dependable solution

We evaluated existing ecosystem in the Bank and its requirement to identify best way to protect their information rights and IPR and ensure faster, better, secured, regulatory compliance in-built solution to run this core application.

Migrating the app infrastructure to Azure

With Bitscape’s RegTech expertise, Bitscape team moved this mission critical application for the bank to Azure with High Availability and Different Regions for Production Environment as well as non-production/test environment separately. The application was built on Microsoft .net technology with SQL as backend database, which takes care of Lending process, from registration to final docs in it. Some of the module includes; Manage the pipeline of loans, loading the loans with categorization, review loan package, Compliance EZ and DataVerify.

Highlight of the solution

  • Azure for Production of Fusion Web Application
    • Additional Domain Controller on Azure with High Availability on different region
    • Database Server on Azure with High Availability on different region
    • Back-End Server on Azure with High Availability on different region
    • Front-End Server with High Availability on different region
    • Proxy Server with High Availability on different region
  • Azure for Non-Production/Testing of Fusion Web Application
    • Additional Domain Controller on Azure
    • Database Server on Azure
    • Back-End Server on Azure
    • Front-End Server
    • Deployment of Proxy Server
  • Post Migration: 24/7 Proactive Azure Monitoring and managed services.

Happy client and a promising future

The result was a dependable app running from scalable, load balanced, elastic architecture as well as improved performance, that allowed them to further lease or offer on subscription to other banks in West Coast and resulted not only achieving primary goal but opened additional revenue stream for the bank.

The audit for SOC and other compliances were met using Bitscape RegTech services and Microsoft Trusted cloud reports that we supply to them along with Azure Premium support by Bitscape team.

Primary Tools & Technology
Microsoft Azure

A market leader in surety bond processing since 1999 in the United States migrates to Microsoft Azure to improve security and reliability.

The US based market leader for surety bond processing organization with its web-based surety bond solution that enables clients, brokers/agents, obligees, and carriers to manage bond requirements efficiently. The application digitally connects the world of surety by enabling seamless communication among and between obligees, principals and sureties.

Move to the cloud at scale.

The application was built on legacy platform of Windows 2008 and SQL 2008 and running on client-server on premise architecture, which needed a scalable, and seamless move to newer technologies. Due to increasing demand improving the productivity while delivering the best to customers, the organization decided to adapt modern technology and decided to move application, server and databases to Microsoft Azure.

This was a migration from On-Premises to Microsoft Azure Cloud Implementation with required architectural changes and newer technology based scalable delivery to all their customers. The customer began a process to evaluate the cost benefit of various platforms and the most effective way of unifying its existing tools. With Bitscape’s expertise and required pre assessment helped them determine that migrating to Azure is the right fit to their needs.

With the help of Bitscape advisory and expertise around azure data platform offering customer found real value and reason to move existing running SQL Server, to Azure SQL Managed Instance which offered the fullest database compatibility. With SQL Managed Instance, customer remain assured that with the managed SQL instance is always up to date, with minimal IT team attention including they does not have to worry about updates and upgrades. Not only did Azure meet Customer’s requirements for its SQL Server workload to save costs but the lift-and-shift to Azure went seamlessly, and the company experienced minimal downtime using Azure Database Migration Service to support the fast, easy migration of SQL Server and MySQL workloads.

Fast migration, easy maintenance

The company completed the migration quickly with proven Migration methodology from Bitscape and with very minimal downtime and nearly zero downtime to customer facing services. The company runs a lean development team that supported and managed all aspects of its data, and in the past, the team found it challenging to use disparate tools and perform support tasks while constantly training staff to stay up to date with technology. The move helped company to plan future application rebuilding scalability based architecture without worring about transition period service delivery experience for their end customers.

Primary Tools & Technology
Microsoft Azure

Helping Pharma company with 5 countries manufacturing facility, to host and manage critical applications on Microsoft cloud meeting required regulatory standards using Bitscape Vault framework for RegTech.

Primary Tools & Technology
Microsoft Azure, Bitscape Vault


Retail chain of well-known luxury jewelry brand improves customer relationship and operations with real-time stock, inventory and better insight dashboard for the efficient working. The solution helps them in their digital transformation lead by customer buying behavioral change and trends analytics.

Primary Tools & Technology
Dynamics CRM, Power BI, Bitscape Sales Dashboards


Large manufacturing provider of life science industry visualizes secondary and primary sales data and drills down of which market and which product is doing better with what, how and why answers with natural query based searchable dashboards using Bitscape’s sales and supply chain insight dashboarding solutions.

Primary Tools & Technology
Power BI, SQL 2016, Office 365, SSRS


One of the global leaders of open source ecommerce platform company in San Francisco bay area empowered its employees with Bitscape Cloud services with better collaboration, insights and productivity across 5 countries operations. Using Bitscape’s managed services the came out for large 80000+ employee AD, exchange on premise to seamless transition in to Microsoft Productivity and email suites online in Office 365.

Primary Tools & Technology
Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint Online, ATP, Teams


With Microsoft Kaizala a large manufacturing organization with close to 8000 field users, drives employee efficiency and deep insights through digital field data collection resulting in to digital transformation process of the organization and improving continued operational efficiency.

Primary Tools & Technology
Microsoft Kaizala, Outlook, Office 365


Empowering citizens and county employees with the help of The Enterprise Service Catalogue Workflows and solutions for County Collaboration in Cloud created by Bitscape which is helping the county further render services to citizens efficiently and securely.

Primary Tools & Technology
SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, O365


One of the largest privately held pharma company of India, with acquisition in Europe and manufacturing facilities in India, Europe, USA and Canada have, improved regulatory compliance and process automation along with better control and governance using Bitscape Vault and cloud solutions.

Primary Tools & Technology
Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Power BI, SQL Enterprise, Power BI Embed, Bitscape Vault


Retail chain for clothing brand created a mobile dashboard-based reporting solution using Bitscape reporting and data analytics services ready to implement sales dashboard templates which eventually improved their visibility in sales process and trends which they can action up on.

Primary Tools & Technology
Power BI, Datazen, Dynamics 365, O365


Leading Pharmaceutical manufacturer meets regulatory compliances, improves efficiency, management and performance of Infrastructure and applications with Azure Cloud Solutions designed and deployed by Bitscape. The highlight of the project was to move 22 application servers requiring to meet CFR 21 part 11 and HIPPA standards for backup and archival. Bitscape Vault framework for RegTech with ASR services make it happen for those regulatory compliances for the 22 application servers.

Primary Tools & Technology
Microsoft Azure, Bitscape Vault


109 years old Pharmaceutical manufacturing company improves operations, regulatory compliances, reduces carbon footprint and improves productivity by 40 Percent with Bitscape Vault.

Primary Tools & Technology
SharePoint, SQL, Windows RMS, Office 2016, Bitscape Vault


A leading manufacturer and marketer of Pharmaceutical formulations and Nutraceuticals in several therapeutic segments has achieved an annual growth of 50% and 36% compounded annual growth (CAGR) indicating company’s sound strategic policy implementation and performance strength with implementation of Bitscape Vault and improving compliance and regulatory governance.

Primary Tools & Technology
Office 365, Bitscape Vault


Empowering 4.5 million farmers in 14 states of India and ensuring faster payments to livelihood to them and improving daily income using software application and mobile apps-based solution. with SharePoint, Project, SQL based solutions by Bitscape.

SQL 2016 R, DevOPS, Xamarin, MVC .net, SharePoint, Project Server


Helping world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer to have seamless collaboration across globe, 28 countries, collaborating in localized application and processes.

Office 365, SharePoint Online, Teams, Skype for Business


Helped engineering company to run their mission critical ERP and SAP solution from Microsoft cloud with required industry compliances met using ASR services of Azure and Bitscape’s RegTech offerings.

Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Azure, O365, Dynamics CRM, Bitscape Vault.


One of the largest family-owned coffee roasters in the Nordic countries improves processes and centralized employee collaboration intranet solution created by Bitscape

Office 365, SharePoint Online, SQL


Created a large education soft skill development portal which facilitates student, industry and academia use case, which was further operated for Microsoft India program Ed-Vantage and executed the process for 3 years.

.net MVC, Azure PaaS, SQL Azure

Learning tool for Pharmaceutical Industry

Provide efficient and easy learning tool for pharma health care professional to allow them to learning/exercising/certification

  • To provide custom look of sites using Master Page using WSS 3.0 custom feature component.
  • Manage custom security on top of Form based authentication to restrict learner to play with confidential configuration area.
  • Role and language based learning content visibility to perform learning/exercising/certification
  • Automatic PDF generation at the end of successfully completed certification
  • To allow user to learn/exercise and complete the certification online and receive soft copy of certificate.
  • Payment integration with OGONE payment system to allow interested companies to register on tool after completing payment.

Tools & Technology
WSS, MS SQL, AJAX,Jquery, MS Dot.Net 3.0, C#.Net, HTML

Leading consulting Co Germany - Performance consulting company



Warehouse & Shipping System WSS 3.0

General merchandise wholesale supplier of almost every products like baby items, stationary, furniture, toys, hardware, bags, house wares, footwear, electronics etc.

  • Data Import: Gets order information from MAS 200 database based on selection of shipping method.
  • Custom field type controls:
    • Generate Authorization Number (pre-specified unique number for each shipping method)
    • Custom country, city control to filter list of city according to country selection change
  • Custom View Style: Provide different colors based on order status and shipping method.
  • Custom Navigation: Allow users for easy navigation from one common navigation bar on master page.
  • Custom Permission Level: Configured custom permission level and Custom Security Group Management
  • Search web part: To provide interface to search record on different shipping methods
  • History backup: Allow user to set schedule for periodic backup of data into SQL Server.

Tools & Technology
WSS 3.0, MS-SQL Server 2005, Dot. Net Framework 3.0, ASP. Net, C#.Net, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, MAS 200

Four Seasons General Merchandise - Merchandise wholesale supplier



Site Provisioning & Branding

Solution that handle customer site request and automate the site creation approval.

  • Site branding by creating custom master page, custom field controls
  • Custom site request form processing
  • Three level of workflow to manage
    1. Site Request Action that will create task
    2. Site Request Approval Action to approve/reject task
    3. Send Notification E-mail on approval/rejection of site request
  • Configuration of e-mail template during Site Provisioning process and during Requesting Site Administrator process
  • Created custom security group with custom pre-defined permission level during site request.
  • Manage formatting by colors and font dynamically using theme and CSS concept.
  • To manage master page deployment using custom master page feature as well site definition concept.

Tools & Technology
WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007, MS SQL 2005, MS Dot.Net 3.0, C#.Net, HTML

Under NDA - Manufacturing Industry



Oracle Integration Solution using BDC

Compile Business Information from Oracle based CRM

  • Effective and easily manageable solution for the oil and gas company for keep an eye on each and every delivery of their products with the status if the delivery is on time or delay.
  • Quickly assess vendor status and balances owed to each vendor.
  • Vendor Listing by various categories including any user-defined fields.
  • Vendor Searching and filtering
  • Evaluate Vendor performance with onetime and late delivery history
  • Double-click a vendor in the list to open the Vendor form and view details about the vendor
  • The report includes information about the vendor name, vendor ID, active status, vendor address, vendor phone and fax numbers, and order status.
  • Color code and flags to each status achieves great user friendliness

Tools & Technology
MS-SQL Server 2008, MOSS 2007, BDC List Web Parts

Under NDA - Oil and Gas Industry



Event Manager with Calendar Rollup

Aggregates events from the multiple calendar sources

  • Display a daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly calendar with images
  • Schedule an event ( daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, weekends, etc... )
  • Powerful schedule engine which allows users to easily schedule their own events.
  • Be notified when a scheduled event is about to happen, days or minutes in advance
  • Fully customize how the calendar looks (images, colours, fonts, etc.)
  • Attractive Interface and user friendly scheduler,
  • Easily Personalized by providing color preference to display events based on the different sources
  • Fully customized by user, allow user to customized calendars list, Appearance, Event columns to display on calendar etc.
  • Export/Import calendar events from/to different formats(Excel, CSV)
  • Display pre-configured Holiday information

Tools & Technology

Under NDA - General for all Industries



Data Migration to MS CRM

Migrating data to MS CRM using Data Migration Framework 3.0

  • Migration of existing data using Web Service
  • Integrated with MS Share Point 2007
  • Implemented business workflow into MS CRM Workflow Manager
  • Customization of Existing MS CRM 3.0 Forms
  • Implemented Web Service during Customization
  • Integrated solution with Outlook client Desktop
  • Integrated solution with Outlook client Laptop
  • Generation Energy reports using Crystal Report in the format they are familiar with.
  • Dashboard for top management for decision making support

Tools & Technology
Moss 2007, MS SQL Server 2005, CRM 3.0,Data Migration Framework 3.0, Crystal Report 9.0

Under NDA



View Web Part in WSS 3.0

Single place to view properties from various source sites/sub-sites

  • Pulling properties from various site or sub site
  • Merging multiple property listing in a single list
  • Property detail page view on single click on listing
  • Secured(SSL certificate) and not secured access to the web part
  • Image support to property to demonstrate the visual details about property
  • Displays all the property details associated with like Stakeholder, Email ,Phone, Mobile etc.

Tools & Technology
WSS 3.0, MS SQL Server 2005

Genesta - Financial Services and Portfolio Management



HIPPA Compliant Health Care Solution

Site branding and customized navigation

  • A complete and robust solution for healthcare unit
  • Customized master page and navigation design
  • Integrating Email system
  • Contact management to support directories about Physician & Patient
  • Registration and Security Groups implementation
  • My Health-card to know all previous records related to patient
  • Appointment status tracking and booking
  • Direction and instruction to patients
  • Manage documents associated with patient at single place for history
  • Alerts implementation for patient as well as physician

Tools & Technology
MOSS 2007, MS SQL Server 2005

Under NDA - Biotech/Pharma/Healthcare



AR Workflow solution with InfoPath Form

Appropriation Request workflow management with InfoPath Form

  • Provide an electronic form for filling “Appropriation Request - A formal request for funds to start a project” details
  • Allow user filling up the form, to select approvers and reviewers for the form being filled up, according to the budget details entered in the form.
  • Submit and route the form along with the workflow for Review and Approval.
  • Users can also save partially completed forms to the Form Library, and after they complete the form they can submit to the form
  • Reviewers and approvers can, approver, reject or resubmit the form back to initiator.
  • Custom Workflow which routes the form in review and approval process.
  • After all approvers approve the form, form is exported to word and PDF for archival.
  • Initiator and workflow participants of form can see the status of approval process in Form Library where forms are saved In SharePoint site.

Tools & Technology
MOSS 2007, MS SQL Server 2005, InfoPath 2007

Under NDA - Food and Beverages



HRIS & LMS using MOSS 2007

Appropriation Request workflow management with InfoPath Form

  • Effective and easily manageable solution for employees Human Resource Information System and Leave Management System
  • Implementation and integration of different master pages using master page feature as well custom browser compatible theme
  • Managing a complete employee profile with Qualification, Experience, awards and Rewards
  • Employee can request a leave of different type like CL, SL with reason
  • Employee can see the leave balance at any time.
  • Authorized employee can see the pending for approval list and either approve or reject the request.
  • Implemented business workflow and validation for the leave policies
  • Month wise leave report, Leave type wise report, Leave Balance Report, Leave Applied report and other kind report that gives the leave status on single click
  • Calendar integration for leave management

Tools & Technology
MOSS 2007, MS SQL Server 2008, InfoPath 2007

Netafim - Dirp/Micro Irrigation



Newsletter Broadcasting WSS 3.0

Newsletter Broadcasting to easily send specific newsletter to selected group

  • Scheduler to broadcast newsletter on scheduled date and time
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Feedback Feature
  • Easy email configuration to allow newsletter web master to configure email settings
  • Allow newsletter administrator to set list of groups and assign subscriber to particular group to broadcast newsletter for specific group
  • Easy newsletter content configuration screen to allow newsletter administrator to design and configure newsletter content and also allow configuring attachments with newsletter
  • Records total sent newsletter emails and successfully sent number of newsletter emails at end of newsletter each newsletter broadcast
  • Track each failure of newsletter during broadcast with the failure email id and reason of failure

Tools & Technology
WSS 3.0, MS SQL Server 2005, WWF 3.5

Under NDA - General Solution industires



 Site Branding for Petronet Intranet Portal

Design and develop master pages and publishing content templates

  • Provides custom look of sites using custom Master Page
  • Design and develop master pages (custom master, custom application master) and publishing content template (custom page layout) to achieve specified look and content management
  • Custom image rotator web part to display image into rotating manner on home page.
  • Custom number of users tracker web part to display total number of online users and list of users in discussion section
  • Customized theme to support multiple browsers and multiple resolution
  • Effective and easily manageable solution
  • Some of the key site design and templates are Home page, Poll Section, organization hierarchy, Report and incident section, Calendar view, Search, Discussion board

Tools & Technology
MOSS 2007, MS SQL Server 2005

Petrofac - Oil and Gas



Work Order Processing WSS 3.0

Automize work order operation and invoicing process workflow

  • Bulk Picture Upload Tool allow vendors to quickly upload hundreds of property pictures into SharePoint picture library into different service category
  • Configurable Core SharePoint Lists allow administrator to configure different Field service business required information like Property information, Questions by service
  • Import Services Web part to easily import different services from external work order sheet in a single click to avoid manual entry for services.
  • Work Order Completion Web part allow vendors to answer of question by its service and invoice will be calculated according to answer.
  • Invoice Section allow vendors to verify work order – invoice detail by its services e.g. Debris, Flat Fee, Board Up, etc.
  • Display hundreds of picture on work order completion web form without taking much time on work order screen.

Tools & Technology
WSS 3.0, MS SQL Server 2005

Pristine - Services Industry



Enterprise Rights Management Solution

Secured Workflow Driven Enterprise Rights Management (DMS, SharePoint IRM)

  • Master page feature activation to deploy master pages on site.
  • Custom browser compatible cascading style sheet for browser compatibility.
  • Alerts for file viewing to correct stack holder.
  • Audit trail of all document activities.
  • Archiving and version controlling.
  • Check-in check out facilities.
  • Tight integration with ADRMS on SharePoint Server.
  • Assign permissions using ADRMS based workflow.
  • Created custom rights in SharePoint.

Tools & Technology
SharePoint Server, MS SQL Server, AD RMS,

Cadila Pharmaceuticals - Pharma/Biotech



On Demand Webinar Management System

Online Webinar Management System for Entire Group live and archived webinars

  • Archiving of previous live webinars.
  • User registration and approval process
  • Who registered or requested on demand webinar. Once approved the registered user can see the archived webinar for which he/she is approved.
  • All activities of viewing is logged and reported in admin
  • Video and media management facilities for admin.
  • Webinar viewed activities immediately notified to admin via email
  • Export facilities of all reports for various duration in Microsoft excel format.
  • The system allows import of contacts which may have registered for the live webinar but not able to attend the event.
  • Once imported these users will get automated access to view the archived webinar of the same.

Tools & Technology
WSS 3.0, MS SQL Server, Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer

Veeda Clinical Research - Pharma/Biotech/Clinical Trials



Corporate Blogging with workflow

Corporate blogs of company published on internet with workflow

  • Two corporate blogs setup for the group for different companies.
  • Blogs are internet facing blogs.
  • Sr. Research Manager manages blogs from Microsoft Word and publishes on internet.
  • Once published it goes for approval via email with blog content as email body to concerned.
  • On approval it gets published on site automatically,
  • If not approved a commented reason goes to original poster via email and stays in to the system as version.
  • It has various categories and sections.
  • Social connectors to linkedin, twitter, Facebook added.

Tools & Technology
SharePoint 2010, WSS, Social Connectors, Tag Cloud, ASP .net, C#, MS Word

Veeda Clinical Research - Pharma/Biotech/Clinical Trials