Migration from SMTP POP to Exchange Online

Bitscape being an IT consulting company, it helps organizations get best return on their investments. Our technical consultants are well versed with all the technicalities within IT infrastructure planning, set up and development.

Bitscape has helped many enterprises and small and medium scale businesses in their business endeavours where we meet the stakeholders and discuss the need and help them see the clear picture and suggest best approach to get the best ROI from their IT investment. We discuss existing IT environment, business objectives and suggest best suited solution.

We would be more than happy to share some standard basic approach and solution we proposed to our clients. E.g. one of our clients was looking to design/develop, implement migration from SMTP/POP3 Mails to Exchange Online which includes Sign up for trial, Read online documentation, Identify the servers to host the tools, Plan Testing, Identify DNS Changes as needed, Plan Staged migration, Prepare exchange online as required.

The Migration Plan:

Access The current environment

Bitscape will conduct a discovery of current environment using discovery tools, as well as off the shelf products. Additionally it is expected that the Client will provide Bitscape with any existing documentation regarding their environments. Bitscape will also need Single Point of Contact to Discuss the Existing Environment and gather the data from the client.

Develop Migration Plan

Based on the information gathered in the Assessment, Bitscape will work the Client to develop a plan which meets their business requirements and schedule. The Migration Plan will include.

The sample steps which we currently envision are as bellows:

Step1: Create and manage your migration project.

Migrating company’s e-mail system requires careful planning and communication. We must coordinate the migration with SPOC and he can in return communicate with all of the users being migrated.

The following are examples of issues for you to consider​;

  • Mailbox Size.
  • User Domain.
  • Network Bandwidth.
  • Vacation and project schedules.

Step2: Install the Microsoft online services tools.

Before installing the migration tools, verify that you have the necessary permissions and that the computer on which you plan to install the tools meets the hardware and software prerequisites. There is also an alternate way wherein we can plan the manual migration which can be done without the tool. This approach will be decided only once the Assessment Phase is completed.

Step3: Activate selected users.

Activate the current group of users to be migrated, as defined in your project plan and migration schedule.

Step4: Select mailbox to migrate.

Step5: Run the exchange mailbox migration tool/manually.

You can use a set of Windows PowerShell cmdlets that provide command-line or programmatic access to migration functions manually.

Step6: Complete the migration

Configure Email Co-Existence

Bitscape will work with the client to configure SMTP co-existence with the existing email environment and Microsoft online.

If Client is running a mail system not listed above, Bitscape will still work with Client, in a best effort approach, to try and establish SMTP co-existence.

Implement directory synchronization

If Client would like to administer users and groups from their existing Active   Directory or synchronize existing Active Directory information to Microsoft Online, Bitscape will work with Client to install and configure the Microsoft Online Directory Synchronization tool.

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