Infrastructure Outsourcing

IT infrastructure is a key value driver for every enterprise in today's business environment. Enterprises involve a flexible, secure, and responsive IT infrastructure all at lower costs, so they can remain competitive in business.

Of course , better business outcomes through IT infrastructure outsourcing Infrastructure outsourcing is a commissioning service in which the management of an organization’s  Information technology (IT) systems and applications is handled by a third party. While these services have become very popular in recent times, the concept of outsourcing is not entirely new. Management of a company’s IT infrastructure and applications is often done from a remote location, usually in the service provider’s data centre.  Some choose local facilities, while others elect to outsource offshore. 

Bitscape being an IT consulting company helps businesses harness their technology investment. We are well versed with all the technicalities within SharePoint 2007 and higher, EPM, and Exchange server implementation and migration however our Managed services like IT infrastructure planning, set up and distinct level of technical support help you to leverage benefit of your technology investment which ultimately transform your business processes.

We offer end-to-end Infrastructure Services that help clients achieve an optimized, secure, and scalable IT infrastructure. In the typical arrangement, the contractor takes a number of proactive measures and remedial actions to ensure that all of the client’s IT assets will always be available to its customers. For most companies, this availability applies to more than just servers.

When entering an infrastructure outsourcing agreement, a company may also receive management of its network routers and switches, security mechanisms, desktops and peripherals, disk storage, and bandwidth. In an ideal environment, the service provider works with the customer to build a custom, scalable solution tailored for their needs. Being at the cutting edge of key technology standards such as virtualization, cloud computing, and mobility and are transforming our clients' IT environments to influence these next-generation technologies across their datacentres, networks, and production and end-user computing environments.

Over the past 10 years, of IT outsourcing professionals have developed and deployed cost-effective technology outsourcing solutions &to meet  specific needs for our clients worldwide 

Three things that make IT infrastructure business run:

  • Shift spending from operations to innovation.
  • Enable agility.
  • Manage risk.

Support your technology initiatives with enterprise goals and strategies IT infrastructure services augments your organization to be on par with the best IT governance setups and economical in terms of paying for only those services that it requires, as well as add and subtract services on an as-needed basis. 

We Bitscape have developed a value creation model for its customers that positions in place an ever growing IT Services 

Benefits Delivered:

  • End-to-end services across the IT lifecycle, which cover the entire spectrum of your IT infrastructure.
  • Optimization of the TCO around IT, ensuring the business value of your current IT investments.
  • Transformation of IT infrastructure to leverage next-generation technologies and computing models, including cloud computing, software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), grid computing, and green IT.

Our end-to-end service includes:

  • Datacentre Optimization services .
  • End-User Computing services.
  • Infrastructure Operations Optimization services.
  • Infrastructure Refresh services .
  • Managed Infrastructure services .


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