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Desktop Server Deployment

Our technical consultants provide strategic guidance, technology planning, and systems design and implementation for organizations of all sizes. Also they have the technical and organizational expertise to help you plan and execute your desktop environment project successfully. We deliver superior desktop consulting services by combining technical expertise, best practices, industry partnerships, and more than10 years of experience.

Millions are spend for trying to manage the user experience across a wide range of enterprise devices. Installing, updating, securing, patching, and managing operating systems and applications on each device becomes a burden. Time and money are wasted recovering user data, diagnosing and repairing hardware problems, and managing access policies on these systems. With centralized image and device management, a streamlined user experience, and the potential to run personalized virtual desktops, the complexity and cost of desktop management can be dramatically reduced even as connectivity options are increased.

Desktop deployments can drain IT resources and can prevent IT from meeting the rest of the organization’s demands. We have experience in all sizes of implementations on both a national and global scale. Our proven deployment approach to keep their finger on the pulse of the initiative’s progress, while keeping up with the rest of the organization’s IT demands.

We have the required training and certification to deliver Desktop Deployment Services to Microsoft’s standards and specifications. With over 10 years of experience, and hundreds of desktops deployed, we can help your organization maximize their technology investment.

Our desktop management services help you manage your new or existing desktop environment to realize long-term operational benefits and savings. We can deliver full lifecycle asset services for laptops, PCs and handheld devices. We also provide turnkey solutions for "desktop as a service". The flexibility of our delivery model, either on-site, offsite or a hybrid approach means we can provide our services in the way that suits you best &evolve quarterly with greater speed and performance.

Our consultants focus on these core competencies:

  • Windows 7 Deployment.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
  • User Environment Management.
  • Application Virtualization.
  • Mobile Connectivity.
  • Office 2007 & 2010 Deployment.
  • Application Packaging & Integration.
  • Group Policy Settings & Preferences.
  • Seamless User Migrations.
  • Desktop Assessment and Review.
  • Thin Client Solutions.
  • Remote Access Infrastructure.

We guarantee that the results surpass your expectations and management’s requirements. We work with you to develop a desktop environment that improves user productivity and has systems that are ready to perform now and can grow to meet the organization’s needs in the future.

Latest versions and new software increases business productivity potential across every business unit. Market competition becomes only more fierce, and competitive advantages harder to come by. The relentless costs and time spent on user training and desktop support can impact productivity and not just the bottom line.

We offer straightforward desktop deployment using PMI methodology in a phased approach. The stages include planning, procurement, staging, delivery, deployment, disposal and both helpdesk and desk side support. We assess a client’s current desktop environment, establish business requirements, standardize client environment, ensure timely procurement of required technologies, automate the deployment process, and set quality objectives and mitigate deployment risk.

Please contact us today to know how we can help you further. You may also drop your inquires at info@bitscape.com