Windows SharePoint Service 3.0

Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is the web portal software from Microsoft Corporation. WSS offers a brilliant collaborative solution that is essential for enterprise environments. WSS 3.0 can be deployed with SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL server 2012 to support enterprise level applications.

It is designed to address the biggest problem of the IT Industry: 'document management’. This is the feature which has made WSS 3.0 so popular in the market. WSS offers the facility of categorizing documents within the site and document libraries.

After the evaluation of WSS, most organizations are storing all the office files such as word, excel, cad, PDF and images inside the WSS site and document libraries. WSS 3.0 can be hosted either in shared server or dedicated server environments, providing more security and productivity. WSS 3.0 has many new and better features than its previous version.

And it can be used in;

  • Developing SharePoint web parts.
  • Developing SharePoint templates.
  • Developing SharePoint document authorization workflow.

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