Model View Controller MVC

Model-View-Controller MVC is the Model View Controller Design Pattern. It is often used by applications that need the ability to maintain multiple views of the same data.

The MVC pattern hinges on a clean separation of objects into one of three categories - models for maintaining data, views for displaying all or a portion of the data, and controllers for handling events that affect the model or view.

The MVC Framework (model-view-controller) may not make much sense outside the esoteric software developer vocabulary but translated into practice it can really help contribute to your bottom line. By offering enormous flexibility, code quality improvements and constant feature enhancements to your web based application, working within the MVC framework, we will deliver both real, bottom line business value as well as value for money and cover a framework (or an architectural pattern) within the software development world where the business logic is kept separate from both user input and the user interface thus making independent development, testing and maintenance of each possible.

The advantages of the MVC framework are the ability to make changes to different parts of the software application without having to undo/redo every other aspect of the project. This means continued progress throughout the life of the application with fewer regression errors. In MVC, Models are the components of the application that represent state (for example, a list of clients stored in a database). Views are the components that define how the data (those clients) are shown to the end-users in a graphical interface. And Controllers are the parts that handle the subsequent end-user input and interaction (changing a client's address).

Web based applications built with the MVC framework can be used in everything from CMS solutions to intranets, extranets to back-office business systems.

Microsoft has taken the framework and developed it into ASP.NET MVC, allowing it to work within the .NET platform and suite of tools and languages. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner of many years, with CMS and bespoke application development experience. NET applications to suit your own, unique requirements. With ASP.NET MVC, we now have another device to add to the toolbox, and a few projects under our belts already. We may, at first, seem like a bunch of .NET nerds, but we still might be so bold as to challenge your business assumptions. We will deliver a quality solution meeting your current requirements as well as be your natural, first choice for on-going support and development phases.