Network Security Assessment

In this era of scattered computing and of client-server and Internet-enabled information access, issue of computer security is consistently on the top of most important issues lists. An important first step for most corporations is to have a security policy that establishes acceptable behaviour.

The next, and more critical step, is to implement that security policy and measure its effectiveness. As organizations become more dependent on networks for business transactions, data sharing, and everyday communications, their networks have to be increasingly accessible to customers, employees, suppliers, partners, contractors, and telecommuters. The complexity of today's networks and the emergence of new security threats make the challenge of balancing accessibility and security more difficult every day.

In response to this challenge, We, Bitscape, offer a Network Security Assessment service that delivers customers with basic genuine information about the accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of information that is transmitted across the network on networked devices.

With "Network Security Assessment", risk level is determined by first accessing the client's network via Internet or intra-LAN, followed by attempting to discover vulnerability of each terminal (host/node) accessible on the network, and by initiating simulated intrusion. As conflicting to trusting on mere scanning tools, auto-diagnosis tools, and simplified penetration tests, we developed the best set of analytic methods based on our own network analyses experiences. This set of methods enables us to precisely and specifically point out the facts of the client's network security and vulnerability.

Bitscape, Network Security Assessment, which is considered to primarily address network infrastructure and related aspects of security policy and procedure, focuses on the subsequent areas such as:
  • Security Policy Review.
  • Perimeter Security Configuration.
  • Network Security.
  • Internal Access Controls.
  • Security Management.
Key Customer Benefits:
  • Generate a comprehensive, independent overview of your current network security status, including potential exposures that can be exploited from inside or outside the organization.
  • Detailed reporting and analysis, with results filtered to remove false positives so that remediation focuses solely on proven threats.
  • Receive customized recommendations, including issue priority by severity, complexity and cost.
Unlike many other vendors, Bitscape follow up each assessment with a confirmation process that dramatically minimizes false positives and other inaccuracies inherent in automated solutions. In addition to our own assessment services, we also works with your existing staff and infrastructure to improve in-house scanning efforts and security reviews.

We can modify assessments to virtually including:

  • M&A Security Advisement.
  • Post-breach Assessment.
  • New network Assessment.
  • False Positive Reduction.

Workflow of network Security Assessment:

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