Network Infrastructure Implementation And Support

With business efficiency and agility on line, organizations demand constant uptime of their network infrastructure. IT Infrastructure plays a pivotal role as more and more businesses are taking the plunge into becoming knowledge-based organizations. Our support centre ensures our customers benefit from maximum network performance and availability. Our trained and certified engineers provide our customers with fast problem resolution and advanced solutions to performance issues.

Bitscape’s proactive team influences a knowledge base of best practices to provide updates to customers to ensure minimal downtime of their business-critical infrastructure.

The more complex network is in terms of size, structure and connectivity needs the more critical network infrastructure design and technologies become. When upgrading your network or implementing a new system careful planning, successful implementation and ongoing support is needed to keep your networks running at its peak efficiency.

Our team of skilled network specialists can offer the expertise guidance & products to ensure your IT infrastructure supports your needs both now and in the future and we also offer a full range of network and security integration services and the training necessary to see you through a continuous implementation of your boosted networking and security products that will maximize network uptime and enable your company to maintain productivity.

Developed from the start as a network operating system, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server continues to improve its presence on networks and the Internet. Microsoft is following the worldwide trend of using the Internet for as much as possible.

Windows 2000 Server will help companies make better use of their Internet connections. By providing support for additional standardized features of TCP/IP, Microsoft has improved the performance of its premier network operating system both for communications with other Windows systems and with UNIX systems. Technologies such as virtual private networks (VPNs) will allow organizations to reduce costs without sacrificing security. The routing features built in to Windows 2000 servers allow those servers to act as routers, with graphical user interfaces far superior to those of hardware-based routers. The new Quality of Service (QoS) standards allow more consistent and reliable networking, especially when using real-time audio and video.

Planning & Assessment
Preceding to launch a network project, consultant meet with you to understand about known issues & definite plans for short or long term business and communication advantages. Then there after we conduct a thorough assessment, which gives us a detailed snapshot of your present network infrastructure. By using this information, we will be able to identify opportunities for improvement, measure the workload your infrastructure can support and offer recommendation on network technologies.

Infrastructure design & implementation
We Bitscape –Specialist have designed plenty of network infrastructure throughout all types of facilities .Our knowledge base and resources make us an ideal partner to help you strategically design any type of network, including LANs, WLANs and WANs. We can shape up your designs to effortlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure or facility, or work with an architect to implement a customised network infrastructure throughout a new building design.

Technology Procurement
Our Experts work with you to identify network technology requirements and then guides you through the procurement process ensuring quality equipment.

We can also alert you to any potential issues or new technology upgrades available that may enhance the performances of your network. If needed, we can manage the implementation of these  upgrades

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