Core Infrastructure Services

Bitscape being an IT consulting company help organizations get best return on their investments.Our technical consultants are well versed with all the technicalities within IT infrastructure planning, set up and development.

Bitscape has helped many enterprises and small and medium scale businesses in their endeavors where we meet the stakeholders and discuss the need and help them see the clear picture and suggest best approach to get the best ROI from their IT investment. We discuss existing IT environment, business objectives and suggest best suited solution.

We would be more than happy to share some standard basic approaches and solutions we proposed to our clients. E.g. one of our clients was looking for to implement core infrastructure organization wide. Where we have to assess the Current Environment and identify the requirement of Core Infrastructure to be implementing Organization Wide, Once identified and implemented the Core Infrastructure, we performed Implement Active Directory on windows Server 2008 with group policies, Securing Servers & PCs, Remote accessing capability, File Server Configuration.


To implement the mentioned scope, Bitscape carries the following Phase-wise approach for Infrastructure Services:

Phase 1: Core Infrastructure Assessment.
Phase 2:  Build Server with best practices approach.
Phase 3:  Implement Core Servers and Clients Connectivity.
Phase 4: Test the Complete Environment for Go-Live of Infrastructure.
Phase 5:  Go- Live.

Topology Recommendation

Let’s get in touch with our IT expert to get consulting over IT infrastructure management. Please drop your inquiry at info@bitscape.com