Website Revamping

A website is just a part of your overall business strategy. And when the needs of the market change, your online strategies change too. Hence, a website redesigning/revamping is needed from time to time. As in the latest trend we help our customers transform their websites in windows 8 style and mobile web design solution.

A website needs redesigning/revamping for multiple reasons. It could be due to the need for an improved presence on the Web. It could be due to the need for a new look as part of branding or rebranding. It could even be an effort step to keep your website in tune with the requirements of the prevailing market conditions.

Bitscape offers you a website redesigning/revamping package starting from US$ 99. If you’re unsure of the scale at which you want your website to be redesigned or revamped, we can help you with a needs analysis. Needs analysis is a free service preceding any redesigning/revamping plan.

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