Strategic Promotion

With the proliferation of businesses being conducted online, web promotion too has emerged as a decisive factor between success and failure.

It’s a known fact that much of the online search is conducted through search engines. Thus, we see cutthroat competition between companies to attain a high page ranking on search engines and maintain their position. If a company has an effective web promotion strategy in place, the results make a direct impact on the bottom-line.

Bitscape is one of the most promising Indian web promotion companies around. We understand how important it is for your website to be noticed by visitors of the Internet. The most common way to get visitors to your website is to attain a high page ranking on popular search engines. Our web promotion services help you get just that.

Our strategic promotion includes practices of PPC, paid directory submission, affiliate marketing, banner advertising, Google adwords, yahoo search marketing and MSN adcentre. Though the strategic promotion is an optional practice, it is recommended by SEO experts for better visibility and result.

Google ad word is a chief of advertising strategies which can make you earn a lot of money. Adwords offers pay per click advertising and site targeted advertising for both text and banner ads. Adwords ads are displayed generally on the right side of the organic results of the search. Yahoo search marketing is also similar to Google adwords as it includes key word based pay per click internet advertising provided by yahoo. Whereas MSN adcenter provides targeted advertising for online campaigns, advanced tracking and ROI management.

We have a group of adept digital marketing experts who are dedicated to researching and incubating the latest tactics of advertising. We implement the new developments and keep on altering our strategies which can elevate the traffic on your site.

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