Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening (SML) solution is one of the most accurate ways of gaining actionable insights into conversations over social media networks which effects your brand reputation or your business.

Bitscape offers comprehensive services to monitor, update and alert concern with actions which can insure better result for businesses. It takes an organisation a lifetime to build a good reputation, and perhaps a few minutes to lose it. Brand monitoring tools are a smart choice to avoid making that fatal mistake that could send your company back to the starting line Bitscape’s human intelligence based approach ensures great results for the business.

Social media listening services are powerful – honing in, listening, comparing, monitoring, recording and tracking what your customer's needs are – and they can yield powerful results.

Help & Support we provide, Social media optimization is a process – one that requires time, effort and knowledge of the social media dominion in which you are dabbling. For Business icons, the whole idea may take some time to get used to, and there can be a vertical learning curve once you explore into the many features and functions within the social media dashboards. The power of a social media presence makes it a necessity, and these small obstacles are worth overcoming.

Many of the top social media monitoring services provide a dedicated account manager, though this service generally costs a bit more. Other social media monitoring tools do not provide this service, but they do offer email and Twitter support as well telephone support, video tutorials or product introductions and FAQs. Besides these help and support features, we also found the ability to access reports and whitepapers to be extremely helpful, as you can skim over social media campaigns the company has worked on in the past.

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