Digital Brand Reputation Management

Digital marketing identifies that online search engine Reputation Management (SERM) is a considerable & absolute requirement for any company to protect the positive image and brand name in search engines as well as it provides services to protect your brand name and content management on internet world.

Common observations:

  • Corporate literature is always scanned and monitored for the information it contains.
  • Great deal of importance on global corporate identity.
    • Stated facts.
    • Format of presentation.
    • Visual appeal.
  • The same attention is however missing in case of Internet Search results.
  • Need for a clear and uniform brand communication that is relevant and easy to understand for visitors.

Common observations - Internet search:
  • Most corporate websites are absent from Internet searches in their name.
  • Search results are cluttered with ‘brand stealers’ or clones, who steal web traffic.
  • Brand awareness and market coverage for the corporate websites erode.
  • Companies resort to Pay per Click as a remedy for loss of brand awareness.
  • However, PPC is more suited to strategic marketing than delivering the corporate message.
  • Organic search results aim at increasing the prospects of an organization in the market but it seldom happens.
SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) is hence a specialized job and every company should focus on having expert manage their online brand. We at bitscape provide you the best strategic consultation to manage and execute your brand identity online.

Search engine reputation management (SERM) is reaching the next level. Now a days,across the world PR firms are starting to offer elaborate services in corporation with SEO firms. A professional approach doesn't just consist of cleansing the search results once a reputation is already in trouble. Companies should be attentive that all their activities can end in well-ranked online messages that can have a huge effect on the insight of their brand.

In this competitive world, you have to protect your site and its reputation from being hurt by other companies; and these practices of protecting your site are known as search engine reputation management (SERM). SERM tactics work as proactive shield of the brands which prevent your site and content from being damaged. The disgruntled employees, hostile customers or wicked competitors sometimes post defamatory articles or blogs and spoil your brand image.

When done negative publicity of your brand, you have to control the damage and change the image by posting more and more press releases. That can be done by posting more blogs, press releases and articles. Basically search engine reputation management strategies also include search engine optimization and content management.