SharePoint 2013 Branding

SharePoint branding is about applying an organization’s identity to an existing software application through customization of a portal site. It’s a requirement which has a profound impact on the end user. It is very easy to transform a Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server site into a branded portal site that can make the identity of your organization stronger, SharePoint 2013 enables branding by dividing content from display through the use of Master Pages, Pages Layouts and CSS styles.

There are number of reasons for applying the organization's brand to the portal site:
  • Establish corporate identity and ownership.
  • Reinforce enterprise standards.
  • Ease of use.
  • Create a sense of place.
However there are many exciting features in SharePoint 2013 using which you can author, design, brand and extend the site design, branding elements and the features support the enterprise content management (ECM) site creation workflow for publishing sites like,

The Design Manager in SharePoint 2013 helps to manage all aspects of branding your SharePoint site and serve as a central hub to manage site collection.​

Snippet Gallery: collection of ready-to-use components for your site’s pages like Web Partscontrols etc.

Channels: one can create a channel for web browser or smartphone and map into master page and reference different CSS files to differentiate page layout designs between channels using the Device Channel Panel control.

Image renditions: One can set the display characteristics only once and apply them to any number of images. For example, a rendition named "Article image" displays a full-sized image in an article, while the rendition called "Thumbnail small" displays a smaller version of the image in a context that you define.

SharePoint 2013 has many new content publishing features like Design Packages, Catalogues, Client-side rendering controls, Cross-site publishing, SEO Enhancements, Analytics and Recommendations, and Variations and multilingual sites.

Bitscape is a Microsoft Gold Certified company with a pool of SharePoint experts. Our main focus is SharePoint services. We begin the conversion by performing the most common type of revision and by changing the standard banner. The customization of your portal includes not only new graphical elements but also a modified horizontal navigation model.

Bitscape modify the whole look and feel by customizing the style sheet. It includes changing left pane navigation, creating breadcrumbs, altering page layout and adding menu items. Branding is the product customization which has a significant impact on the end user experience.