Information Management

In the root of the success of an organization lies its capacity to manage information which constantly moves from and within different departments and sections. However, Data Solutions are often the most ignored and underrated tools.

Your operations are dependent to a large extent on the availability of uncluttered and relevant customer information, categorized by multiple variable functions. This means that you need information segregated on the basis of geographic locations, prospects, lifestyle profiles, income group, sales transaction and more.

Information Management services provided by Bitscape focus on getting the best possible ROI from your scattered and diverse information assets. This gives an edge to the organization by giving it ability to structure, locate, access and translate data into functional information.

Our Data Solutions are inclusive of but not limited to the following.
Business Intelligence

Over the several years of your operations, you must have collected and stored lots of information. However, the failure to collate the information so as to provide you with business insights is a common feature of various businesses. Our tailor-made solutions can transform your crude data into incisive reports guiding you in taking important business decisions.

Portal & Content Management
Effective Portal & Content Management solutions can enable you to create a virtual shared workspace consisting of all sorts of content solutions and integrated organizational processes. There is selective access depending upon the user’s needs. These solutions not only bring in a great deal of operational ease but also help achieve higher productivity.

CMS Work Flow - Bitscape
(A Typical CMS Work Flow of Bitscape provided CMS Solution)
Data Management & Architecture

Data Management Architecture is vital to ensure uniformity and consistency of data across the board in an organization. It eases management of data and enhances productivity. Our consultants can help you establish or re-establish your data architecture.