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Business Intelligence

A Sharepoint2013 applications and tools, shape up your vision of organizational goals, processes, and performance requirements. Create powerful data mash-ups using PowerPivot, with the power ability to process billions of rows, create data models and facilitate sharing and collaboration with Excel Services. Power View provides in-built ad-hoc reporting. PerformancePoint Services and Dashboard Designer, along with Visio Services, create sophisticated dashboards capable of integrating reports and metrics from multiple data sources that are customizable for your spectators.

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A Comprehensive tool that integrate across Office applications and other Microsoft technologies.  These tools support analysis, reporting, dashboards, and visualizations.

Tools such as  Excel 2013, Excel Services in SharePoint 2013, and PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint Server 2013, Visio Services in SharePoint, SharePoint 2013, and Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Excel BI

    provides the capabilities to scrutinize and visually explore data of any size, and to integrate and show interactive solutions, virtually offers strong new features to support business intelligence applications. Includes on In-Memory BI Engine (IMBI), Power View Add-in for Excel & Decoupled PivotChart and PivotTable reports .
  • Excel services

    enables individuals to view and interact with Excel workbooks that have been published to SharePoint sites. Experience to explore data and conduct analysis in a browser window just as they would by using the Excel client. Excel Services offers certain new features to support business intelligence applications.
    Includes on Data exploration improvements, Field list and field well support, calculated measures and members, Enhanced timeline controls, Application BI Servers & Business Intelligence Centre update.
  • Performances point services

    assists users to create interactive dashboards that display key performance indicators (KPIs) and data visualizations in the form of scorecards, reports, and filters. In SharePoint Server 2013, PerformancePoint Services offers a very strong features to support business intelligence applications.
    Includes onDashboard Migration,Filter Enhancements & Filter Search,BI Center Update,Support for Analysis Services Effective User & PerformancePoint Support on iPad.
  • Visio Services

    a service application that allow operators share and view Microsoft Visio Drawing (*.vsdx) and Visio 2010 Web drawing (*.vdw) files where service also enables data-connected Visio Drawing (*.vsdx) and Visio 2010 Web drawing (*.vdw) files to be refreshed and updated from various data sources. Includes on Maximum Cache Size, Health Analyzer rules, Updated Windows PowerShell cmdlets, Set-SPVisio Performance& Commenting on drawings supported.

Insights for Everyone from Any Data, Any Size, Anywhere. Empower users of all levels with new insights through familiar tools balancing the need for IT to monitor and manage user created content. Deliver access to all data types across structured and unstructured sources.


Put your company’s most valuable information to work for better decision-making and insights with Microsoft Excel 2010 and the powerful PowerPivot add-in.


Microsoft SharePoint lets users share and collaborate on data from multiple systems within a single browser-based experience. Interactive graphics make data more meaningful at a glance-and easily shareable across all levels of the organization. Empower better decision-making with SharePoint Server.

SQL Server:

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence delivers a comprehensive platform empowering organizations to build and deploy secure, scalable, and manageable BI solutions.

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Some of the basic functions we perform in ALM services,

  • Requirements analysis.
  • Requirements management.
  • Feature management.
  • Workflow.
  • Modelling.
  • Design.
  • Project management.
  • Software deployment.
  • Software testing.
  • Release management.
  • Change management.
  • Software information management (for ALM tool integration).
  • Build management.
  • Software configuration management.
  • Revision control.
  • Issue management.
  • Monitoring and reporting.

Bitscape ALM services are perfect blend of business management practices to software engineering processes using extensive experience, tools including Visual Studio 2010 and visual studio 2012.