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Azure Backup Services

Azure Backup Service leverages the Microsoft Azure Platform and also provides Microsoft's premier Cloud Platform infrastructure. Bitscape will facilitate your business in the transition and help to create or modify backup strategy and organize them, as well as offer services to back up your server states in addition to the data that resides on them.

Our team at Bitscape will continually help to manage your backups throughout the term of your service, to make you feel peace of mind that your infrastructure's backed up is ready if needed anytime.  

Bitscape and Backup, powered by Azure, is trustworthy, economical, and scalable data protection solution for backing up on-premise data to the cloud. Without large upfront capital investment provides safety to your critical business data with minimal operational expenses.

Azure Backup Service

Windows Azure Backup is an element which can automatically send backups of Windows Server to the Windows Azure cloud.

The Azure Backup Service apply the existing Azure storage service to store compressed, encrypted copies of clients and servers in the cloud – where you can then restore single files and folders right from Azure. It can be a cheap replacement of a disaster recovery option.

Azure Backup is comparatively simple to set up, you need to initialize the service in Azure and then register each server or client you want to back up against the service in the cloud. Azure Backup Simple and reliable server backup to the cloud Backup helps you protect important server data off-site with automated backup to Azure. Reliable offsite data protection Backups are encrypted before transmission and stored encrypted in Azure. These backup data are off-site, safely away from datacenter, protected by reliable Azure storage, reducing the need to secure and protect on-site backup media.

Microsoft introduced a new  costing structure for its Azure Backup Cloud service, based on the number of systems protected and the amount of data stored, which it claims will deliver substantial cost savings for customers. Pricing for Azure Backup consists of two elements: the backup service itself and storage costs for housing the data in an Azure storage blob.

Users need to create a "backup vault" to use the service. Azure Backup has an automatic secondary service, so Microsoft recommends creating a backup vault in region that's close to the customer's location, according to its setup.

Before to start using the Azure Backup Service,

  • Create a Backup Vault: create a vault in the Azure Backup console. .
  • Download vault credentials:  for Azure Backup, you need to upload the management certificate you created to the vault.
  • Install the Azure Backup Agent and register the server: from Azure Backup, required to install the agent and register the server in the backup vault. .

Most current on-premise backup solutions need a considerable upfront capital expenses in the form of software, hardware, storage, tape media and offsite tape storage. Bitscape's cloud backup removes all of those additional costs which plague on-premise backup solutions, providing significant cost savings while delivering backup and restoration features on demands.