Business Solutions / Web Based Solutions Using Sharepoint 2013

Web based solutions using SharePoint 2013

We at Bitscape recommend Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform for web based applications and collaboration software solutions as SharePoint 2013 supports out-of-the-box SharePoint features with document sharing, workflow, content publishing and security access group integrated with active directory.

The SharePoint 2013 platform has additional new functionalities as compared to older version SharePoint 2012. Through this  a business can leverage several business objectives like,

  • Document Libraries with version control, tracking and approval workflow.
  • Departmental sharing with approval workflow.
  • Record repository.
  • Site personalization for employee with task management.
  • User security access group.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 2013.
  • Email integration with Microsoft Outlook 2013.
  • Search.

Please get in touch with our business analyst for consulting over SharePoint solutions.​