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Bitscape being an IT consulting company helps organisations develop robust web based applications, software products and solutions. Our technical consultants are well versed with all the technicalities within .net, SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies hence we at Bitscape delivered plenty of solutions and products as per the need of our client.

We would be more than happy to share some standard basic approach and solution we proposed to our clients. E.g. one of our clients was looking for a web app module to maintain an efficient resource management system for the media team. The application should be most admin user friendly to set the resources, contacts, appointments display according to the site user’s choice with various required options to select.

Where the application should

​Provide easy way to manage the contact

  • Manage calendar to manage appointments, events, follow ups, parties.
  • Manage task list in the efficient manner.
  • Provide mailing functionality.
  • Manage personal profile/portfolio for media team.
  • Manage and display info relating to agents, team members, managers, and other concerned profiles.
  • Maintain database of press agents.
  • Maintain info related to coaching/Training.
  • Publish news, articles, interviews and other media related information.
  • Compose downloadable templates for electronic news, media gossips and other value added services.
  • Provide extensive search facility for each related module.
  • Design and manage bulletin board for site users.
  • Provide additional features like showcases, classified ads, affiliate programs etc.

Above all the app should provide environment where media team can easily manage their profile, portfolio, hot news, their contacts and activities, task related details, articles, and other media related details. However more accurate information is reachable to media house and concerned team members within a fraction of seconds using this app. The app should provide latest information about the industry through bulletin board.

Bitscape proposed an agile software solution with slightly different purposes like.

  • Provide free login service to actors.
  • Easily manage medial team related data.
  • Provide latest information that is useful to media members.
  • Manage team activity book to help the team work efficiently.

Advantages of the App:

  • Complete automated information supply and maintenance.
  • Provides most useful platform to maintain and fetch information.
  • Provides opportunity to artists/businessmen for ads.
  • Provides latest news to be updated.
  • Minimal efforts required to maintain the contacts, activities and information.
  • Provides a way to communicate to industry people.
  • This App should be a visual environment that can be operated by media team/media house without programming experience.

Bitscape helped business in their endeavours by supporting with agile and detailed business processes solutions. Get in touch with our business analysts for consulting on any software development need.

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