Social Networking Site In SharePoint Server 2013

If you are looking for a trusted platform to build social networking web site we suggest SharePoint 2013 enriched with rich set of functionalities. They are efficient enough to achieve any business logic and provide seamless experience in performance.


At Bitscape we have helped many businesses build their in house networking platform as well as have helped our customers develop social networking products.


SharePoint 2013helps creating an agile social networking site using which people can update and maintain their own Profiles and can see others profile on the same platform, user can create Communities and add Colleagues to the community, can search community and can join the existing open communities. One can also add colleagues to his own network, so that they keep in touch with each other, your colleague suggestion allows people to help find their colleagues based on their profile.


Recent Activities that makes people keeps up to date with what colleagues are doing, Note Board is way to get discussion with colleagues, Ask Me About enables experts to advertise their skill set which makes it easy to talk to the right person about a business issue, one can share their documents, photos, videos amongst the colleagues or communities, My Networks shows update on your colleagues, so that people do not have to go hunting for information on colleagues, Blogs, wikis, links, and other collaborative features.


Tag Clouds provides an easy to use presentation of categories, Tag Profiles provides information based on a specific keyword or topic and lists discussions or postings, together with community members, Rating allows users to rate article, video, photos that they like most, Search allows people to find the information like colleague, document, images, video, article they are looking for, Integration with Active Directory makes easy to manage the members easily.


Bitscape being an IT consulting firm has helped many organisations e.g. for HR management system, with a must need functionalities like.


Home: User can see and manage the Notes on his own Wall, Recent Activities displays the information what the colleagues are doing with links.


My Profile: Update own Profile Photo, Update own profile information like Personal details, Occupation, schools, college, University, Organization, Qualification, family, hobbies and interest etc., Keyword suggestion helps for inputting information.


My Network: Manage pending request of people who want to add you as colleague. User can approve or reject the request, My Colleague to manage the colleagues you have added to your network. User can add new, remove, view existing colleague from the list, User can post on wall of Colleagues, Find, view and ad colleagues to his network, Colleagues suggestion prompts and suggest most relative colleagues based on the profile information.


My Community/Group: Manage your own community that own by you. User can create new, edit existing or delete any existing community, Manage users which are joined to community. User can invite or remove members from the community; Manage items on community like Wall, Post, Documents, Photos, video, Links, User can search and join the community created by other, User can post on wall of community, User can ask a Question on community.


My Documents: Manage Photo Gallery by add/delete/view photo Gallery, Manage photos within photo gallery, Manage Video Gallery by add/delete/view video gallery, Manage video within gallery, Manage Document Library by add/delete/view library, Manage document within library by upload/download/delete documents, User can access to gallery based on the security settings set by the owner, User can rate the document, photo or video he likes, Tagging feature for document, photo and videos.


Collaboration tools: Blogs, News, Announcement, Wikis, Forums, Links

My Account: Change Privacy Setting, Change account information like username, password or email, Change Notification Settings for email and a Robust Search Engine allows user the search Profile, documents, video, photos, posts, articles of their need.


Access Control: FBA using integration with Active Directory, Implementing SharePoint security Model, Login, logout, forgot password features.


We suggest SharePoint 2013 platform to build up different business process within your organisation, which will help your executives and users to navigate with the ease and ultimately your business achieve productivity.


Please contact us today to know how we can help you further. You may also drop your inquires at info@bitscape.com