People and Personalization SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 creates a portal site which knows who you are and what information you need. SharePoint Server provides personalization which is secure, flexible and also reliable. There are few important features of SharePoint 2013 which make it easy to access the important information.

  • User profiles allow you to find and connect with people within your organization based on information published about them. The main benefit is that you can personalize the default user profile page and add properties according to the needs of your organization.
  • My Sites is a personal SharePoint site created in the portal site which provides you with customized information that includes content targeted to you based on your membership in a particular audience. The personal sites can be created using user profile information. My Sites works as a personal site which enables you to manage your documents, data, content and contacts. This can be used by the content providers to contain customized information and present it to the users. My Sites creates a personal site which can be useful to access and contribute to your organizations intranet through a portal site.
  • Audiences: SharePoint Portal Server allows you to target content to people according to their membership in a particular audience group. You can also create your audience, compile them, manage them and exhibit the targeted content in their My Sites location. You can also keep an eye on the audience to check whether the audience is targeting the right users or not.
  • Alerts: once you subscribe for alerts of your interest in SharePoint portal server, every time you will get notified when the information of your interest get updated and added in SharePoint portal site. And the amazing thing about is you can also define the kind of alert you want to get notified and can control how and when you want to get notified!.
  • Web Part – Shows others who are members of common lists and groups.

Our service of personalization of SharePoint products enables you to use the information stored in profiles, create audiences to target content to certain groups, and use My Sites and to manage alerts. 

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