SAP Microsoft duet enterprise

Duet Enterprise is a product that has been developed jointly by Microsoft and SAP. The product has been developed with the aim of connecting Microsoft’s SharePoint 2013 and Office with SAP business systems. The intention is to bring together the flexibility of Microsoft SharePoint with the more complex SAP business systems creating a product that meets the user’s expectation for easy to use, flexible solutions.

The need to deliver user-friendly business applications to all employees as well as external users is a growing need. Adding to this need is the demand to be able to access and work with data on multiple interfaces and access this on mobile devices as well.

For enterprises that have invested in SAP transactional and Microsoft Productivity technologies, this problem can be addressed with Duet Enterprise.

Duet Enterprise empowers employees to consume and extend SAP processes and information from within SharePoint Server 2013 and Microsoft Office 2013 client applications also includes features and functionality from both Microsoft Corporation and SAP AG. Duet Enterprise enables information workers to improve decision-making, increase process compliance, and decrease costs by taking full advantage of SAP business processes and business intelligence through the Microsoft Office 2013 environment. Business power users can create declarative solutions without writing code, create external lists and document libraries, and design views and forms.

Duet Enterprise is a development platform which makes it easier to create customized solutions that incorporate data from SAP ERP systems and display the information in SharePoint Server 2013. Developers of Duet Enterprise solutions can use Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 to create custom solutions. Duet Enterprise takes advantage of many SharePoint Server 2013 features including, but not limited to, SharePoint Server 2013 management and monitoring capabilities, the SharePoint Server 2013 object model, Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS), and the SharePoint Server 2013 API.

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