Microsoft Exchange Integration SharePoint

As Microsoft SharePoint is more and more becoming your executive and users choice for collaboration in the organization, you must be thinking a way to integrate your organization’s inboxes of users in SharePoint/Intranet environment. Is that so? You may be thinking for custom webpart to perform Exchange integration with SharePoint for effective Unified Messaging Solution.

Please look no further, this feature is available out-of-box in SharePoint just use the Outlook WebParts, provide Exchange Server field in your Outlook Webparts for SharePoint and the Webpart will pick-up the current user's mailbox automatically.

There many other features by Microsoft exchange server 2013 which can be integrated with the MS SharePoint server 2013 and Lync server 2013 which make scenarios like enterprise eDiscovery and collaboration using site mailboxes.

Moreover SharePoint 2013, using federated search API user can search within Exchange mailbox content in Exchange server 2013. The eDiscovery in SharePoint 2013can be accessed authentically by eDiscovery centre.It also allows to export content from eDiscovery search as PST file. The content from an eDiscovery search in SharePoint 2013eventually the same content as the same search performed in Exchange 2013.

To make this system more agile we have ‘Site mailboxes’ functionality, where in most of the organisation business information stored in two different places E.g. The documents in SharePoint whereas the emails in exchange server hence to access those information one has to navigate between two disjointed entities however site mailboxes bringing all together to leverage collaborative experience however it actually serves as a rack for exchange emails and SharePoint documents which can easily be accessed by authorised site members via outlook 2013 and also can be accessed directly from SharePoint site.

Using SharePoint 2013 one can manage and provision the Site mailboxes where the content remains at its original place however Exchange 2013 stores emails and provision in site mail boxes and same way SharePoint 2013 stores though provision in site mailboxes and create the document view in outlook.
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