Interactive Workflow Engine

Bitscape is an IT consulting company which has an experience of more than a decade in helping organizations develop robust web-based applications, software products, and solutions to suit their business requirements and empowering them in taking crucial business decisions in a timely and informative way.

Our technical consultants have built their core competencies in Microsoft Technologies such as .Net, SharePoint 2016, Office 365 to name a few and we have delivered business solutions products to our clients which have yielded them quantifiable productive results.

We are pleased to share herewith one of the many solutions which we had proposed to one of our clients: -

One of our clients was looking for Design/Development and implementation of Multiple Workflow Engine using Microsoft .Net 3.5.

The primary requirement of the client was a workflow engine which could process and track the status of an item and initiate workflow automatically based on the actions. The workflow engine should process the workflow on the basis of the predefined XML-based configuration file. This workflow report is to be published and used as web service in the existing .Net based application.

To meet this requirement of the client, Bitscape proposed an agile solution which included the following features: -

Application Development:

  • Design & develop configuration parameter file to interact Workflow engine with ASP.NET application.
  • Design & develop Workflow Database to track workflow status in MS SQL Database.
  • Design, Develop & Publishing custom workflow as web service to integrate with industry standard web application.
  • Design & Developing the Workflow Engine, process and interaction:
    • Workflow Initiation by Asp.net application thru user SAVE/UPLOAD activity e.g. when user upload document into asp.net application somewhere, integrated custom workflow engine will track the user activity (e.g. upload) and workflow will get initiated. ASP.NET RECORD STATUS = Drafted, WF RECORD STATUS= INITIATED.
    • Workflow Started by Asp.net thru user SUBMIT activity e.g. when user SUBMIT uploaded document for approval, integrated custom workflow engine will track the user activity (e.g. uploaded document approval needed) and workflow will get start keeping track of each status. ASP.NET RECORD STATUS = Submitted, WF RECORD STATUS = STARTED.
    • Workflow Approval/Rejection by Asp.net application thru user approval process e.g. after “submitting” action for uploaded document “pre-defined” users will receive will receive an email notification to approve/reject of the uploaded document with their comment. ASP.NET RECORD STATUS = Drafted, WF RECORD STATUS= INITIATED.
    • Workflow E-mail Notification when approval was done either it’s approved or rejected. Concerning parties (e.g. from configuration.xml) will receive an email about approve or rejection of uploaded document with a comment.

Bitscape helped business in their business endeavors by supporting with agile and detailed business processes solutions.

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