Collaborative Platform On Sharepoint 2013
SharePoint 2013 Services provide a robust and customizable platform to collaborate and communicate with your in-house (on-shore) and offshore team members and connects information workers can access and work on the data simultaneously and exchange the information in safe and secure environment using SharePoint workflows.

If being an international business you have a team working at on-shore and offshore locations  and facing problem in communicating and sharing data which needs to be moved back and forth and your organisation is looking for a platform or a channel which provides seamless communication performance and information workers can work simultaneously on data on same platform which provides,
  •     More efficient system to manage the workflow between onshore and offshore team.
  •     Different views for different users based on the access rights to the user.
  •     Access to fields in the form based on the access rights to the user.
  •     Different permission levels and groups with different permissions.
  •     Set automatic priority work queue.
  •     Maintain historical records for each file’s workflow.
  •     Export the activity log to excel file.
We being an IT consulting company have helped many businesses in their business endeavours to build an agile platform which provides value for their technology investment and ultimately productivity.